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Charge for What You Do: Replacing a Quarter Panel

What’s a quarter worth these days? No, I’m not asking the value of an American quarter dollar. I’m asking you to consider what you should be charging to replace a quarter panel. Are you charging enough for the amount of work involved in a good quality repair? A lot of shop owners and managers insist

Selling Services

Some shops are making it standard practice to bill insurance companies in dollar amounts with no reference to the number of hours spent on a repair. As much as insurers fight this practice, the shops – which could include yours – are within their rights.

Better Safe Than Liable: Check the Safety Features

Hurried techs sometimes forget to – or just simply don’t – check the safety features on a collision-damaged vehicle. But being rushed is no excuse.

Give Yourself a Raise: Working Together

Insurers know a local shop environment is very competitive, and they use this to pit local shop against local shop. But what if repairers refused to play this game and started working together instead of against one another?

Does Your Shop Measure Up?

Techs working to beat the clock often skip the measuring process. But if you add a separate line to your estimate for the setup of the measuring system in addition to the setup of the vehicle on the frame machine, some of your techs might be more willing to knock the dust off the old measuring system once and awhile.

Can Your Shop Withstand the Scrutiny?

Shops producing poor quality repairs?

Better Pay for Better Work

While many shop owners say it’s not good business to pay more money to a less productive tech, I say stop thinking of it as paying more for less — and start thinking of it as paying more for better.

The Total Story

Why are some cars repaired when they should be totaled, and others totaled when they should be repaired? Because, too often, poorly trained people are estimating damages. If it’s a total, then total it. If it’s a borderline case, communicate with your customer and your tech. But keep in mind that customer safety is your No. 1 priority.

A Tech’s Perspective: Overlooked Equipment

What equipment is consistently overlooked when it comes to maintenance – and why?

The Need For Speed: Quantity Over Quality May Cost You

A shop manager who chooses quantity over quality may cost you more than a few dollars in comebacks. He may also cost you a few good technicians.

Only You Can Eliminate Shortcuts

Technicians who continue to make shortcuts during repairs will only end up giving a bad reputation to the entire industry. Unfortunately, some techs don’t feel they have a choice. Changes need to be made so the guy making the quality, profitable repairs is the coolest dude in the shop.