Tom Ferry, Author at BodyShop Business
Complete Prime vs. Spot Prime

My shop is handling the refinishing of a typical metal car and a fiberglass car. Should we prime the entire car or just prime the areas that were patched/repaired?

Mastering Metallic Paints

How do I paint silver metallic with extra metallic without having the color look light on some sides and dark on others?

Blending Clear Into the Factory Clearcoat

This technique should help you avoid a clear line or halo coming back to haunt you.

Where Does Body Work Stop and Paint Take Over?

What is considered the break between body tech and paint tech? Where does the body work technically stop and paint take over?

How to Paint More Efficiently

A little known maneuver called the “two step” can help high-volume painters save time and energy.

How Do I Get Fine Line Tape to Stick When I’m Laying Out a Design?

I always seem to have trouble getting 1/8-inch fine line tape to stick when laying out a design. I always use a tack rag to remove any dust or overspray particles before I lay the tape down, but it always seems to pop up.

Pearl Car Paint Job: Mastering the Three-Stages

Some painters dread three-stage paints and pearls, but there is a secret and a method of matching that works every time.

Masking With Plastic

I’ve found that masking a car with plastic is superior in every way to using paper. You save time and materials, plus you eliminate the possibility of dirt ruining your paint job.

The Perfect Custom Paint Job

The perfect custom paint job depends largely on what kind of vehicle you’re putting that wild or mild job on.