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Managing Your Cycle Time

If you’re looking to improve your operations, look first at your cycle time.

COVID-19: How My Three Shops Are Managing the Pandemic

Strategies my shops are employing to serve customers while preserving the business and protecting my employees.

Budgeting Time and Resources to Keep Training on Track

In order to make training a reality in body shops, you have to budget time and money for it.

Advanced Materials: Planning for Your Body Shop’s Future

No matter where your collision repair facility is located, advanced materials like composites, high-strength steel and aluminum are in your future.

New Competition: Don’t Panic, Focus on Yourself!

When a new body shop comes to town or a local MSO acquires more locations, that is not the time to panic. That’s the time when you should focus on yourself!

How an MSO Does Scanning and Recalibration

There isn’t a simple one-size-fits-all solution to address the scanning and recalibration of vehicles with ADAS today. Here’s how we’re tackling it at my CARSTAR locations.

Collision Careers: Offering Veterans a Chance

I find that veterans are task-oriented and take direction well, which is why they’re a good fit at my shop.

Building Your Auto Body Shop by the Numbers

Here’s how I went from sweeping floors to managing three body shops with a complex financial footprint.

Disaster Preparedness: Have a Plan for Your Shop

Dealing with a disaster requires prior planning; flexibility to handle the needs of the business; and a strong team of employees and family members.

Creating Consistency in Your Multi-Shop Operation

You built a successful collision repair business and then decided to expand to additional locations. Sounds simple, right? But replicating that consistent performance and successful business isn’t as easy as it sounds.

How to Build Your DRP Business

There are a lot of considerations to take into account when pursuing DRP work, but if you have the right processes, people and reporting, you can make it a very successful part of your business.