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Mask Better

Speed Wrap self-adhesive masking film is now being offered in convenient six-pack cartons. Use two-mil Speed Wrap as an efficient replacement for traditional masking paper. When applied to a clean, dry surface, the repositionable film remains in place for painting or baking and protects a vehicle interior during wet or dry sanding procedures. Call (888)

Buff High-Tech Clearcoats

Evercoat’s new Triple Cut Compound is the ideal solution when buffing today’s high-tech clearcoats. Its unique multi-phase abrasive technology provides sand scratch removal, swirl removal and high-gloss finish.

Ergonomic Tool

AirVANTAGE sanders feature low profiles and solid engineering, materials and craftsmanship. They’re ergonomically designed to deliver control, balance and comfort. The AirVANTAGE LP sander generates up to .28 horsepower for fast, efficient performance on virtually every application.

Eliminate Airborne Pollution

Ceiling-mounted air purifiers clear entire shop areas of airborne pollution at efficiencies up to 99% without exhausting. High-efficiency, three-stage filtration captures sanding dust, over-spray and welding smoke, plus torch and plasma fumes. A large, color-coded gauge constantly monitors the filtration process and is readable from ground level. Call (800) 280-4546.

Non-Hazardous Gun Cleaner

The Bonny Marlin is a zero-hazardous waste, non-hazardous paint gun cleaning and recycling system that uses an EPA-recognized, non-hazardous solution to clean waterborne and solventborne paints. The cleaning solution is used over and over. Lacquer thinner and electric recyclers are no longer needed.

Estimate with Ease

At a low price and fast and easy to use, CRASH-WRITER LITE is for switching from books to a computerized system. While CRASH-WRITER PRO contains features found on higher-priced systems, its lower cost makes it a winner with independent shops. Both feature integrated, built-in help in both English and Spanish. Call (800) 922-2378.

Empower Your Customers

Join Choice Autobody Repair Association’s consumer awareness campaign to empower customers with the knowledge that they can choose you to repair their vehicles. They chose their vehicles, they chose their insurance companies and they have the right to make you their choice to repair their vehicles. Call (877) 635-2272.

Now in Stock: Air Coolers

1-800 Radiator’s 210 locally owned warehouses now stock charge air coolers for turbocharged vehicles, which are especially prone to damage in front-end collisions. 1-800 Radiator’s inventory is listed in all major estimating systems, and each part is speedily delivered and comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

Collision Repair Franchises

Call CARSTAR today to see if you qualify to be part of the largest group of collision repair centers in the country. You don’t have to go it alone anymore! To become a CARSTAR franchisee, call (800) 999-1949.

Repair Metal/Plastic Fast

The Sonic Bond Universal Plastic Repair Kit repairs most plastics, metals, glass, rubber and wood. It’s ideal for structural repairs to interior panel tabs, headlight bezel tabs and more. It can be sanded, filed, drilled, tapped, carved or painted, and it cures in about three seconds. Call (208) 667-4066 or e-mail [email protected].

Flexible Solution for Fire Protection

The MONARCH system offers spraybooth fire protection with 24/7 automatic detection and alarm and fire suppression for both enclosed and open-faced booths. It now also features expanded system capa- bilities for large truck booth applications.

PDR for More Profit

For a body shop to remain competitive in today’s market, the best thing you can do is offer clients additional repair options, especially when insurance providers are writing more paintless dent repair (PDR) work.  With the help of PDR Coach, learn the techniques of glue pulling, traditional PDR and how to write accurate estimates for