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Finders Keepers: Qualified Technicians

With a shortage of qualified technicians plaguing the industry, shop owners are asking, “Where’s the best place to find my next employee?” The answer: in your own back yard.

Bringing Home the Gold: Betty Coon

The first woman to pass the I-CAR Automotive MIG Welding Qualification Exam.

Winona Technical College

Nestled among wooded bluffs surrounding the Mississippi River in Southeastern Minnesota is Red Wing/Winona Technical College. Founded in 1949 as one of the first two technical institutes in the state, the college offers dozens of majors, including autobody

Get Involved: SAE

A new organization called the Service Technician Society (STS) is being formed for people who make their living fixing and maintaining vehicles.

Learning to Learn

If you would say to the typical collision-shop owner or technician, “You can have anything you want to improve shop productivity”, what do you suppose the most common answer would be? Chances are, it would focus on some new technological advance in equipment or tools.

Utah Valley State College

Striving to meet today’s increased demand for qualified technicians, collision-repair instructors at Utah Valley State College (UVSC) in Orem, Utah, are working to bring together students and the industry.

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Pennsylvania College of Technology has one of the oldest automotive programs in the nation, dating back to 1920 when the institution – then a local technical institute – served to educate World War I veterans in servicing automobiles.

Criminal Cars and the Caped Crusader…Take One!

Holy high tech, Batman," says Robin, as the bad guy’s getaway car releases a slippery liquid onto the pavement. "To the Batmobile," the Caped Crusader yells over his shoulder, slipping and falling on the greasy spray, knocking himself unconscious. Robin tugs and tugs, but because Batman’s outfit is so tight, he can’t get the Batmobile

Lining Their Pockets with Profits: Profit Centers

With rising competition and declining profits, many collision-repair shops are adding profit centers to boost their sales.

Productivity Feeds Growth: Zara’s Collision Center

Ahhhh! The smell of a smoldering steak … The air is filled with its spicy aroma … You’re getting hungry, very hungry, aren’t you? This isn’t the description of a favorite restaurant or a backyard feast, but instead, of a once-a-month lunch at Zara’s Collision Center in Springfield, Ill.

Senior Service

The focus of automotive service – now and in the future – is to meet or exceed the needs of all customers. When it comes to a reality check, many of us would fall short of the mark when it comes to dealing with our senior-citizen customers.

The Daily Grind: Methods for Grinding

Grinding methods, like virtually everything else in collision repair, have certainly changed.