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Don’t Get Lured into the Hype About SOPs

You might think creating standard operating
procedures (SOPs) to standardize work is a good thing until you realize that no improvement is going on. Only once the need exists to find a better way to work will a work standard actually be used as an effective tool by employees.

Boosting Business with PDR

You say you’re too busy to learn paintless dent repair or don’t have the patience to mess with a dent for hours. But an increasing number of you are finding that using PDR tools to get the metal not necessarily
perfect but up ‘close’ helps reduce the size of the repair, saving time and material costs.

Show ‘Em Some Love!

Remember to love the consumer and make them love you.

Come to Our Conference!

"Maybe next time you can offer more food!” That comment from one of the attendees of our Waterborne Conference last year still cracks me up. Anyone who was there understands that comment was made in jest. I admit, we did go overboard on the food, but it did reveal to me one of the secrets

Repairers, Not Insurers, Responsible for Honest Estimates

Wouldn’t you know it? As soon as I posted a comment on fraud online recently, I got a call from a source in the Midwest who told me he had a conversation with an adjuster who said, “My supervisor told me from now on that if a repair is not scheduled, we are not to

Fixing Loose GM Garnish Moldings

Often, it’s the small things that eat up time. For example, let’s say you repair a 2010 Buick that had been in a minor fender bender. When you’re done, the owner is happy and drives away. One week later, however, she returns to complain about a poor-fitting interior garnish molding. She’s sure your shop overlooked

Diminished Value: Fact or Fiction?

Whether or not you agree with or support the idea that customers’ vehicles lose significant portions of their value after they leave your shops, the market has spoken to the issue, and it appears to be an inescapable fact.

The Functions of Fasteners

Self-piercing rivets, solid shank rivets, blind rivets, Dacromet bolts and so on. Understanding how these one-time fasteners work and what function they play are vital to producing a quality and safe repair.