June, 2012 Archives - BodyShop Business
The Dream Is Alive

While strolling through his neighborhood, Editor Jason Stahl discovers that the American dream of owning a thriving small business isn’t quite dead yet.

Are You Doing Your Part to Get the Next Generation Interested in Auto Repair?

The average age of people working in the automotive aftermarket sector is getting higher. There needs to be more focus on getting younger people interested in auto repair.

State Farm PartsTrader: Is There a Snake in the Grass?

What I see at the moment is the single benefit of helping State Farm save dollars on parts expenditures. Should this be done at the expense of an industry that’s stretched thin as it is?

Web Presence Management: Understanding Facebook Timeline

Expert tips for setting up your shop’s Facebook Timeline fan page.

Maintenance Tips: Welders

How to maintain spot welders, MIG welders and TIG welders – straight from the manufacturers.

Waterborne/Low-VOC Automotive Refinishes

BodyShop Business examines the profitability of converting your shop to waterborne/low-VOC automotive refinishes, best practices for waterborne/low-VOC application and what the future holds.

Become Environmentally Friendly without Losing Money or Efficiency

Does converting to waterborne/low-VOC and pursuing other “green” practices translate to more green of the cash variety at body shops? My shop found that it can.

The Future of Automotive Paint

Expert Mark Clark asks paint manufacturers what the future of automotive refinishes will look like…and offers his own predictions as well.

Mastering Waterborne/Low-VOC Refinish Application

They say that old dogs can’t learn new tricks. But when it comes to auto painters and waterborne/low-VOC coatings, they’re going to have to. The tricks, though, are more like new habits they’ll have to develop to ensure success with this new refinishes.

Collision Repair Data Mining: Is It a Threat to Your Business?

Collision repairers are becoming increasingly concerned that their data is being used in ways they’re unaware of. They also feel it’s being used against them to control market dynamics.