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Class Is In Session

chool and conducting our business lives. Fall is the time when we should be checking to make sure we’ve been achieving all of our goals for the year. It’s the time when we should be making any final corrections and keep working our plans for the year. It should also be a time when we

Ammo to Fight Steering

I don’t know if you noticed (and I hope you did because that would mean you’re an avid reader of our weekly e-newsletter, BodyShop News, which is e-mailed to over 24,000 shop owners and managers every Thursday), but steering took the spotlight in the August 26 edition. The lead story concerned a new anti-steering law

Repairing Ford Fusion Door Glass

Has this scenario ever occurred in your shop: You make relatively minor repairs to a vehicle and it appears as good as new. A few days later, the owner brings it back and says you missed something. In this example, the driver’s side door glass on a 2009 Ford Fusion is moving slowly and it’s

Building a Kaizen Engine

As more and more people in our industry turn to lean solutions for their businesses, I feel a stronger urge to point out the vast difference between how lean is practiced today and what it’s original intent was.   

Performing Custom Modification

Performing high-quality custom modification can be extremely rewarding, not to mention provide higher net profits than your average collision job.

Estimating Essentials

Is there really a difference in preparing an estimate for a high-end vehicle versus a high-production vehicle? The answer is a resounding no! Both require education and training to ensure that proper and safe repairs are outlined in the estimate.