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Nissan: Automatic Emergency Braking Will Be Standard on 1 Million U.S. Vehicles for 2018

AEB will be a standard feature on seven of the automaker’s most popular models.

Study: Consumers Increasingly Skeptical of Self-Driving Vehicle Technology, But Clamoring for Collision Mitigation

Consumers already are growing wary of self-driving vehicles, but they’re ready to embrace any technology that helps them avoid collisions.

ASA ‘Connected Cars’ Event Will Offer Training on Scan Tools, Cybersecurity

The Automotive Service Association is presenting “Connected Cars,” a two-day training program that will focus on the technical aspects of advanced driver-assistance systems.

Mobileye Equips 4,500 New York City Rideshare Vehicles with Collision-Avoidance Technology

The system uses a high-resolution vision sensor to analyze potentially dangerous scenarios in real time, alerting drivers to impending collisions and giving them enough time to react.

U.S. DOT Finds No ‘Safety-Related Defect Trend’ After Tesla Autopilot Probe

Data suggests that Tesla’s driver-assistance technology might actually improve safety.

New Study Finds New Methods for Better Understanding Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies

Research revealed that drivers’ knowledge and attitudes of advanced driver assistance technologies improved after exposure to one of four learning methods about the technologies.

Highly Automated Driving to Spark Adoption of Centralized Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ABI Research says that automotive OEMs will need to adopt new platforms based on powerful, centralized processors and high-speed low latency networking.

British Drivers Expect Insurance Discounts for Safety Gadgets

With drivers getting around $39 off their premiums if they have a dashcam, some have told a national car leasing company that the discount is nothing compared with the thousands that the devices save in accident payouts.

Mobile Game Teaches Users About Car Safety Technology

The game, Dashboard Blitz, helps educate players about the beeps, flashing icons and technologies that are common in many of today’s cars.

Electronics – Changing the Game

New vehicle electronics packages are creating a lot of frustration in the industry. And there may not be any easy solution.