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Auto Body Equipment and Supplies That I Like

Over my long career, I’ve been asked many times for my recommendations on products, tools or equipment by brand name. “Which one would YOU buy?” is the query.

New Motor Guard M-C100 Filter Removes Oil Vapor from Compressed Air

The new Motor Guard M-C100 Filter removes oil vapor from compressed air and is the ideal final stage in a new or existing air management system to ensure defect-free jobs with today’s premium and waterborne finishes.

Compressed-Air Filter Removes Contaminants Down to 5 Microns

The 5 Micron Compressed Air Filter from Walmec North America provides point-of-use filtration of liquids, oils and other contaminants.

Aluminum Piping System Ideal for Headers and Branch Lines

SmartPipe+ is a modular aluminum piping system featuring lightweight materials and simple compression-style connections, according to Kaeser Compressors.

Walmec AMD-035 Membrane Dryer for Ultra Clean and Dry Air

The AMD-035 Membrane Dryer is the best choice for waterborne paint applications or other sensitive tasks that require the highest standard of clean and dry compressed air.

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions’ Water Separator

The cutting-edge technology of Tsunami Filters is rigorously tested to outperform expectations regardless of the industry or application.

Jenny Products’ Electric Horizontal-Tank Stationary Air Compressors

The line of 22 electric two-stage, horizontal-tank stationary air compressors, entirely made in the U.S., is ideal for applications requiring greater pressure, displacing between 9.1 and 107.0 cfm at 175 psi.

Technology: Love Your Air Compressor

Take advantage of new technology for your air compressor, the heart of your shop. And for Pete’s sake, don’t neglect this vital piece of equipment!

Tsunami Releases Video on Best Practices for Compressed Air Plumbing

By understanding a few key concepts, your system will provide years of quality service to your business’ critical pneumatic tools and equipment.

JET Tools Launches Line of Industrial-Grade Air Compressors

The vertical-style compressors feature cast iron pumps, ASME-certified tanks, and durable and industrial-rated NEMA motors for dependable, long-lasting service.

Tsunami Releases 240 Series Filtration System

The new 240 Series offers maximum protection to accommodate applications requiring up to 240 scfm.

Quincy Compressor Acquires Scales Industrial Technologies

Scales Industrial Technologies has about 180 employees and has been a Quincy distributor for more than 50 years.