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Update Your Detailing Department Lighting with the Innovative Lighting Package

This package is the most cost-effective way to update your detailing department’s lighting and is perfect for a rugged auto body shop environment.

Streamline Detail Department Workflow

Goliath Carts has released the D1 Detail Cart, which helps to streamline the detail department workflow, giving the shop owner greater mobility and control of inventory.

Portable On-Site 6H Compliant Spray Booth

With the introduction of the Mobile Tech Work Station, a certified 6H-compliant booth can now be set up virtually anywhere in just a few minutes.

Sanding Block Assortment

Motor Guard Corporation’s collection of Big-Block sanding blocks are available in a pop-up counter display – the AP-4 Sanding Block Assortment.

Easy-to-Use Foam Buffing Pads

Wizards Products has launched a line of new, easy-to-use foam buffing pads. The convoluted design of the Bendi-Buff foam buffing pads gives the user greater control, eliminates pad chatter, reduces product splatter and waste, and decreases surface heat. Additionally, Wizards’ new Aggressor foam compounding pad offers the fast cutting action of a wool pad in

Dry Sanding and Polishing System

This new dry sanding and polishing system from Eagle Abrasives promises to cut long buffing time by 50 percent or more. The Buflex system combines an ultra-flexible latex abrasive film and a specially designed soft pad to remove topcoat sanding scratches effectively and efficiently. The finish left behind can be polished easier than grit P3000

Polish Quickly and Easily

Overruns, dust nibs and excessive orange peel can now be removed effortlessly with Eagle SUPER-TACK Yellow-Film discs. Made with the highest quality and most uniform abrasive minerals, these discs cut extremely fast and leave a finish that easily polishes to a “showroom shine.” These high performance discs are clog free and long-lasting. They’re also ideal

Air-Powered Cleaning

The DF-Z010 Tornador Pulse Cleaning Gun uses powerful compressed air pulses to agitate dirt, working much like a pressure washer. It vaporizes the cleaning solution for maximum penetration and reduces chemical use by 90 percent. It cleans the tightest spaces, cracks and crevices. It can be used wet or dry, with or without detergent, on

Flexible Backing Plate for Rotary Buffers

The BENDI-BACKER from Wizards Products is a backing plate for high-speed and rotary buffers. It features safe FLEX technology, which allows it to easily mold to contours and style lines, decreasing the risk of spot heating and burn-through when buffing. The BENDI-BACKER has an easy-to-line-up Velcro backing that eliminates pad wobble and fits 7-inch to

Rotary Polisher with Rotating Handle

Dynabrade’s new Electric Rotary Polisher works on a variety of surfaces including solid surface, fiberglass, plastic, painted surfaces, composites and more. The Electric Polisher features a Rotary Motion for cutting, polishing and buffing with compounds. The Polisher features a rotating trigger handle, which rotates 180°, allowing the trigger handle to be adjusted to any position

Perfect-It Denibbing System

The Perfect-It Denibbing System from 3M removes dirt nibs quickly and easily, reducing denibbing time and improving productivity. The micro-sanding technology and cordless denibbing tool minimize the paint finishing area and allow users to work where the car is. The micro-polishing technology delivers a high-gloss finish while reducing cleanup time.

Easily Mix, Dispense Detailing Products

Meguiar’s Professional Metering Systems for detailing professionals produce metered, accurate dilutions that maximize productivity, minimize waste and reduce labor costs incurred with manual mixing. The new units include locking buttons for auto fill of larger containers. The device mixes the concentrates, so spills, splashes and risky overfilling associated with manual mixing are eliminated. Employees do