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Portable Vehicle Lifts

Herkules Equipment’s K900P portable vehicle lift is equipped with a hitch, handle and wheels, allowing a technician to easily move the lift wherever it’s needed. The lift is ready to operate after an easy hook up to an air line. It’s powered by Herkules Air Bag technology, a maintenance-free power source. The lift is safe

True Vertical Lifting Power

BendPak’s newest heavy-duty scissor lift is bringing true vertical lifting power to shops and garages. Dubbed the “Quatra” after its unique design, the XR-12000A supports a 12,000-lb. payload while maintaining an impressively compact footprint that’s perfect for smaller bays and work areas. BendPak’s quad-opposing scissors design effectively eliminates the need for restrictive arm structures. Operators

Rolling Jacks for Four-Post Lifts

Thanks to the RJ-7 rolling bridge jack, four-post lift owners can enjoy virtually the same benefits as a two-post lift. The RJ-7 provides the ability to raise two wheels off the four-post lift runways, making automotive service such as brake jobs and suspension work a cinch. Its telescoping roller design allows the runways to be

Short on Height, Tall on Features

BendPak’s new XPR-9FS is a full-featured, two-post powerhouse sporting a 113-in. column height and a maximum rise of 6 feet while still supplying smaller shops and garages with the same features and options as the big guys. The XPR-9FS can be set to either a wide or narrow drive-through configuration and comes standard with truck

Triple Decker Parking

The PL-14000 by BendPak is a massive triple stacker parking lift solution that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Engineered to be the most cost-effective way to triple the capacity of nearly any existing parking area, the PL-14000 saves time, money and space. Each parking lift is designed to stand by itself or as

Hunter RX10 Lift Features 10,000-lb. Lifting Capacity

The Hunter RX10 lift features a 10,000-lb. lifting capacity and a choice of runway lengths to accommodate everything from passenger cars to the longest crew cab pickup trucks. The optional PowerSlide system automatically controls turnplate and slipplate operation, and the optional inflation station features speed service and ensures more accurate alignments by automatically setting a

True Vertical Lifting Power

BendPak’s newest heavy-duty scissor lift brings true vertical lifting power to shops. Dubbed the QuadRack after its unique design, the XR-12000A supports a 12,000-lb. payload while maintaining a compact footprint that’s perfect for smaller bays and work areas. The QuadRack was designed for vehicle alignments as well as general service work, and it accommodates a

Extra-Long, Super-Low Floor Jack

Ranger Products’ Low Rider Super-Long Floor Jack is designed to cater to the needs of low ground clearance vehicles. It features a lowered height of 2-3/4 inches and a 34-inch long chassis. With these dimensions, the Ranger RFJ-3000LPF is among the lowest and longest specialty floor jacks in its class. The durable and safe Low

Rugged Automotive Lift

BendPak’s new HDS-Series four-post lifts have a vastly increased lifespan for most critical lift components. The lifts have massive self-lubricating sheaves, cables and lifting components to keep them working like new for longer. The series features 10-1/2-in. diameter cable sheaves within the runway and cross tubes, as well as 2-1/2-in. diameter sheave axles to dramatically

$92,000 Giveaway at NACE

Chassis Liner and Accudraft are offering a  $92,000 Stimulus Package Giveaway at NACE 2009. One lucky NACE 2009 attendee will win an extreme shop package that includes the Lift ’N Rak Pro (valued at $7,000) and an Accudraft TITAN (valued at $85,000). Visit

Universal Dolly

The patented “DJS Universal Wheel Dolly” is the first dolly able to be accessorized on the market. It can be reconfigured to fit multiple needs in the auto body environment. Visit 

Mobile Column Lifts

Mohawk Lift’s Mobile Column lifts are available in two- through eight-column sets in capacities of 18,000 lb., 24,000 lb. or 30,000 lb. per column, with total lifting capacities of 240,000 lbs. Available with Mohawk’s auto-frame adaptor, Mohawk’s columns can be used to raise a passenger vehicle from the side while leaving the tires free for