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Efficient Dent Pulling System

The MAXIMA Dent Pulling System greatly eases work intensity and improves efficiency while reducing maintenance cost.

Safely Perform Aluminum Repairs

The Technocure Alumaroom seals techs off from contaminants that can ruin an aluminum repair.

Repair Aluminum Vehicles

The DF-900X allows shops to start performing aluminum repairs on vehicles like the Audi A8, the Tesla Model S and the all-new aluminum body Ford F-150.

All-Inclusive Hole Cutting Kit

The Rotabroach Sheet Metal Hole Cutter Combo Kit features both a small and large diameter kit in one convenient package.

Alternative to Drilling Spot Welds

The 3M Green Corps File Belt is an alternative to drilling, with a long-lasting abrasive surface designed for spot weld removal as well as grinding in other tight areas.

Aggressive Sanding Tool

sia Abrasives’ siabite 2511 File Belts contain self-sharpening ceramic grits and are designed for heavy-duty metal work.

Sand Heavy-Duty Surfaces

Ekaforce is a paper base that has flexible and high-wear resistance characteristics, making it an ideal tool for sanding and polishing metal and fiberglass.

Lightweight Body Filler

EverGold lightweight filler, the latest addition to the Evercoat Metalworks product line, spreads and levels to a smooth finish, reducing sanding time to remove heavy texture.

Simple Pre-Treatment for Metals

RBL Products’ new Pre-Treatment System was developed as a wipe-on product over bare metal.

Find and Fix Micro-Pinholes in Seconds

440Express Micro-Pinhole Eliminator from Evercoat is designed to be a shop’s insurance policy against micro-pinholes in glazing putty.

Single Step Repair Technology

Quantum1 Super Fast (#491) 10:1 Single Step Repair Technology gives the speed needed in winter temperatures or for spot repairs.

Use More Metal Glaze Per Package

Evercoat’s Metal Glaze is now available in an easy-to-use pouch. Now you can get all of the benefits of the best-selling glazing putty, Metal Glaze, in a 16 fl. oz. pouch. The packaging allows you to use more material than ever before from each container. Order Evercoat part #100412.