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High-Performance, One-Visit Clearcoat

New EC700 Production Clearcoat is a high-gloss, high-solids clearcoat delivering optimum performance when applied over PPG Envirobase HP waterborne basecoat. With the new one-visit application technology, it requires no flash time between coats and minimal bake times, providing a superb final finish. Visit or contact your local PPG distributor.

Now Available with Waterborne Basecoat

Planet Color custom automotive paints are now available throughout North America in a low-VOC system. This line doesn’t sacrifice quality or brilliant results to meet compliance, Sherwin-Williams says, because it’s now available with AWX Waterborne Basecoat, which behaves just like solventborne systems. Whether you’re painting a timeless classic or a modern speedster, Planet Color has

High Quality Finish with Minimal Cost

AkzoNobel’s new Sikkens Autoclear Energy Pro 250 provides a high quality finish and maximizes the ability to manage material cost containment. This low-VOC 2.1 clearcoat is ideal for high production shops that are seeking more eco-friendly and value-oriented products. It yields a high-gloss finish, and the dry-to-polish time is only two hours at 70˚F and

High Solids Clearcoat

Southern Polyurethanes 1:1 Universal Clear is a true polyurethane high solids clearcoat that’s hard to run, does well in high heat and humidity, doesn’t require baking, won’t yellow whites, buffs well even several months after application, has excellent chemical resistance, doesn’t require a flex agent and works great with bad airflow – the booth fan

Cure at Room Temperature

The IP Process Refinish System with Air-Dry Technology from The Martin Senour Company removes the need for baking for a fast cure time and same-day repairs. Air-Dry allows for curing at ambient (70-75°F) room temperatures. The IP Process uses high-quality primers, basecoats and urethane clearcoats that produce high quality finishes. Because baking isn’t required, any

Easy-to-Use Waterborne System

The Martin Senour Company’s Vortex waterborne basecoat uses a proprietary resin system that behaves like solventborne systems. Benefits include: fast-drying basecoat; easy-to-mix, compact toner line; new PROSPECTOR Global Color Reference System produced with actual Vortex color; quick flash times; no-bake clearcoats; and a sandable basecoat that repairs quickly. Call (800) 526-6704 or visit online.

High-Gloss Clearcoat

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes 1100755 Elegance Clearcoat offers the ultimate in gloss for high-end refinishing. It’s designed for force-dry/booth applications and is recommended for use on multi-panel repairs to overall finishing. It also offers excellent application properties and buffability, all while delivering a superior appearance. Visit online or call (800) 798-5872.

Epoxy Primer with Corrosion Protection

Southern Polyurethane’s 1:1 Epoxy Primer can easily be wet sanded or dry sanded the day after application, has outstanding corrosion protection and provides excellent adhesion to metals, aluminum and fiberglass. Available in black, white or gray, a 2-gallon spray- able kit sells for $144. It’s compliant in all 50 states.

Clear for Tough Climates

Southern Polyurethanes 4:1:1 Euro Clear is a true polyurethane two-coat high solids clear with exceptional gloss and clarity that sprays easily. It’s hard to run, loves high heat and humidity, doesn’t require baking, is easy to buff and doesn’t require a flex agent. Plus, it works well with bad airflow, allowing the booth fan to

Manage Your Paint Inventory

The Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Lean Stock Inventory System helps collision shop owners and managers improve productivity, product availability and consistency. With Lean Stock, shops can lower inventory dollars, better manage product shelf life, reduce waste and increase profits. The inventory manager scans the barcodes on the kanban trigger to place replenishment orders through The

More Colors for Hot Hues Pinstripe

DuPont Performance Coatings has expanded the Hot Hues Hot Pinstripe Efx product offering to include seven additional colors. The products can be purchased in new 4 oz. packages and the standard 8 oz. packages. In addition to the original 20 solid and metallic colors, the seven new colors include three metallics: teal tease, majestic purple

Zero VOC Reducers

Improve your overall performance of primer, paints and clearcoats with this new line of Montana Zero VOC Reducers. This new series of reducers complies with all local VOC regulations and is priced to keep you competitive. Montana Zero VOC Reducers are available in three temperature ranges – TH035 (Fast), TH036 (Medium) and TH037 (Slow) –