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New BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher Features Power and High Performance

The new BigFoot LH 19E rotary polisher features a high-torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and a lightweight housing.

Win a Milwaukee Polisher in the Cut the Cord Giveaway

Visit www.bodyshopbusiness.com/cutthecord and sign up for an opportunity to take home this cool tool!

Milwaukee Unveils New M18 FUEL Polisher

With nearly 2,200 RPMs to tackle even the most demanding jobs, this new cordless solution has the power to polish a full-size car on one charge.

Slash Work Time with the Wizard 21 Big Throw Polisher

Professional shops will appreciate the ease and speed of polishing out swirls, buffer marks and surface imperfections after initial cutting with a rotary.