New Bigfoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher Features Power and High Performance
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New BigFoot LH 19E Rotary Polisher Features Power and High Performance

The new BigFoot LH 19E rotary polisher features a high-torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and a lightweight housing.


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RUPES has announced the launch of the new BigFoot LH 19E rotary polisher that features a high-torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and a lightweight housing. Its lightweight and powerful design makes it the ultimate rotary polishing solution for a variety of industries including collision repair and refinishing, automotive detailing and marine.

An anti-vibration loop handle, included as the standard configuration with the LH 19E, allows users to hold the polisher securely at different angles for precision and stability during the polishing process. The soft grip material and the unique design absorb and dissipate vibration to improve operator comfort, as well as protect delicate surfaces from damage.


The polisher can also be equipped with a soft grip side handle that reduces vibration during the polishing operation and provides comfortable control of the polisher. It enables optional right or left side grip and a higher level of operator comfort for operators who prefer a side grip.

An electronic RPM controller with torque recovery keeps the rotation speed constant even under varying loads, making sure the entire polishing process is smoother, uniform and more effective.

The LH 19E is equipped with a progressive trigger that allows the operator to make fine adjustments of speeds without interrupting work flow. The trigger, together with a new, larger electronic control dial, ensures the operator can deliver the right speed with accuracy.


The hassle of extension cords often causes interruption to the polishing process and can limit operator maneuverability in confined spaces. This is why RUPES has included a 29.5-foot cord as standard with the LH 19E rotary polisher. By eliminating the need for extension cords in many applications, operators can enjoy increased efficiency and less hassle.

The new polisher can be used in combination with three different pad diameters, 125 , 150 and 165 mm. The new backing plate system, developed and manufactured in house by RUPES, features the ideal balance of stability and flexibility for rotary polishing.

As with all of the tools in the BigFoot line, the LH 19E is offered as a complete polishing system, including three different foam grades, from coarse to the ultra-fine, and related abrasive compounds.


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