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Environmentally-Friendly Gun Cleaner

The Polychem Acrastrip 400 is a HAP-free, pH neutral, non-flammable gun cleaner designed to clean, flush and strip any waterborne or solventborne coating. Its formula is non-toxic, virtually odorless and recyclable.  U.S. Polychemical was awarded a partnership with the EPA/dfe on the Acrastrip based on the product’s environmental and health friendliness. Call (800)-431-2072.

Non-Hazardous Gun Cleaner

The Bonny Marlin is a zero-hazardous waste, non-hazard- ous paint gun cleaning and recycling system that uses an EPA-recognized, non-hazardous solution to clean waterborne and solventborne paints. The cleaning solution is used over and over. Lacquer thinner and electric recyclers aren’t needed.

Affordable Spray Guns

ANEST IWATA USA, Inc.’s  newly redesigned lower cost Air Gunsa guns are set up for performance, HVLP with cup (AZ3HV2) nozzle sizes 1.3mm to 2.0mm or conventional air spray with cup (AZ3HTE2) nozzle sizes 1.3mm to 3.5mm. These guns offer a more ergonomic, lighter body with a softer trigger pull for reduced fatigue. Also, a

Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner

The UM80W makes cleaning waterborne spray guns fast and easy. Water under high pressure flows, at the press of a button, to thoroughly clean the paint passage in less than 30 seconds. The flow-through brush cleans the outside of the gun and the blow gun dries it. It’s ideal for cleaning disposable cup adapters and

Spray Gun Cleaning System

When used together with disposable cups, this system allows safe, fast color changes in 25 seconds or less.  Mounted in the spraybooth, this pneumatic device eliminates wasted trips to and from the booth, keeping paint jobs and guns cleaner.  Also, it’s suitable for waterborne and solvent-based paints.

Guns for Waterborne and Solventborne

Transtar’s HVLP spray guns (#6613, #6614 and #6617) produce high-quality finishes for many repairs with water-based and solvent-based coatings. Developed for production repairs, spot and panel refinishing and vehicle restor-ation, they’re easy to clean and maintain and operate at a minimum of 65 percent transfer efficiency.

Space-Saving Compressor

The new SX AirCenter units include a rotary screw compressor, dryer and tank in one space-saving package. Available in 3 to 7.5 hp, they provide pressures from 125 to 217 and capacities to 28.3 cfm. Plus, they’re easy to install – just connect the power and air line and you’re running. These units also include

Clean, Dry, Heated Atomizing Air

Clean, dry and heat the atomizing air from your existing air compressor with The Solution. Its four-stage filtration is outfitted with an automatic moisture discharger. A controller, with digital outputs, allows users to set the temperature of the atomizing air up to 165 degrees F. It comes with a 3/8” ID x 35’ spray air

Aerosol Gun Cleaning

Naked Gun gun cleaner gives you a powerful aerosol spray stream, and Klean-Strip says it provides pinpoint accuracy in removing paint from hard-to-reach areas. It’s VOC-compliant and removes both solvent and waterborne paints easily. Use it to clean spray gun bodies, tips and cups, as well as many other shop surfaces. Naked Gun is a

Filter for Waterbornes

The 125 mi-cron and 200 micron welded-in filters save time by improving paint flow, eli-minating the need to pre-strain paint with separate equipment and enhancing overall performance. The 125 features a finer mesh to better filter out clumps and coagulated particles that can be found in waterborne paints. Visit www.3M.com/automotive. 

Excellent Finish Quality

The RAZOR Metallic HVLP is optimized for metallic and fine metallic paint with a well-defined spray pattern for superior material distribution. The RAZOR HVLP primer gun is a first-class gun that delivers low overspray to minimize sanding. The RAZOR LVLP spray guns spray both base and clear but are optimized to spray clear-coats. These guns

Manual Waterborne Paint Gun Washer

The G510 Waterborne Paint Gun Washer provides paint technicians a quick and thorough method for manually cleaning all waterborne paint equipment. It’s easy to use and only requires water for cleaning. Since waterborne paint sets so fast, the aggressive bristles on the flow-through brush effectively remove any stubborn paint. The water filter system provides a