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Hang Parts Neatly

The Easy Hang parts hanging system will support up to 200 lbs. on each hanger and can easily be set up and removed by a single individual.  The hanger suspends overhead and folds neatly against the spraybooth wall when not in use. Visit www.afc-ca.com.


Paint your mirrors and other individual parts with the assistance of the new MIRROR HANGER. This 2-Part system is the answer for holding all sizes of mirrors for painting! Just attach the mirror to the holding handle, lift the handle from the base and spray. The powerful Magnetic Base will hold all the weight, guaranteed!

Optimum Fuel Efficiency

Designed for optimal fuel efficiency, Col-Met EZ Heat and Cure Air Makeup Units deliver conditioned and filtered heated air evenly throughout your booth. Precision-controlled to minimize temperature variations, EZ Heat effectively removes particulates from the air that can negatively affect the quality of your finish. Col-Met AMUs are designed to optimize booth efficiency and safety

Flexible Solution for Fire Protection

The MONARCH system offers spraybooth fire protection with 24/7 automatic detection and alarm and fire suppression for both enclosed and open-faced booths. It now also features expanded system capa- bilities for large truck booth applications.

Maximize Production

The Paragon Downdraft’s “CleanFlo” technology maximizes production flow. Its dustless environment allows for virtually no buffing, and money is saved by not having to build a pit. Also, no hard-to-clean basement means no height issues.

Portable Prep Station

The Mobile Work Station maximizes workspace and productivity better than ever. It can also provide significant savings on energy bills by eliminating the need to heat/cool make-up air, with no building or ventilation modifications required. Call (800) 242-6870.