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Large Capacity Booths

The accudraft Truck Series offers large capacity refinishing areas. These units are available in standard dimensions as well as in custom configurations. Call (800) 524-0340. .

Double-Wall Insulated Spraybooths

Designed with optimal fuel and energy efficiencies in mind, Col-Met Evolution Series 1 Spray Booths are available with several options, including: auto balance, energy saver system, corner wall lights, an exclusive drive-through configuration and EVO Waterborne Flash-Off Systems. Call (888) 452-6684.

Booth, Floor Wrap Films

Self-adhesive Booth Wrap Film is simple to install. One kit lines the walls of booths 14 feet by 27 feet to 10 feet high. Offering a reflective surface, Bright White Floor Wrap Film is prepared to handle high turbulence booths. It’s also useful on mixing room floors and other areas. Call (888) 264-3770.

Eco-Friendly Spraybooths

GFS’s ECO  energy-efficient, ecologically friendly waterborne spraybooth and finishing systems are designed with features that will help you achieve faster drying times, low energy use and quality finishes in an ecologically responsible manner.

Upgradeable Spraybooths

Marathon Spray Booths builds spraybooths with available upgrades that are in stock and ready to ship. Spray and cure heat systems include  advanced controls. Call (800) 919-9035

Separate Shop Areas

Don’t have the space for a traditional Goff’s Curtain Wall? Now you can roll it up! Goff’s Motorized Rollup Curtain is great for separating paint booths, prep stations, metal shops and wash bays. Sizes up to 30’ are available as well as 12 color options. Call (800) 234-0337.  

Affordable Spraybooths

A-Frame’s bolt-together, 18-gauge steel spraybooths are made in the USA, come in many sizes and feature many extras. Auto booths include lights, fan and motor, single- or three-phase power, motor control panel and more – all for $4,995. Call (877) 338-3006.

Remove Adhesives With Ease

Made from soybeans,  Bean-e-doo Automotive Adhesive Remover is a green product that improves how you remove tape from body side moldings. After soaking in a tray filled with Bean-e-doo, the adhesive softens and slides off the molding. This product reduces your job man-hours by over 75 percent.

Reduce Cycle Time

Every Spray-Tech Premiere downdraft spraybooth is pre-engineered for the Junair QADS auxiliary air movement system in any new installation, or as a future retrofit. The QAD system has been proven in over 4,000 installations to reduce booth cycle time by up to 35 percent and energy consumption by up to 40 percent with waterborne basecoats

Variable-Frequency Drive for Speed Control

Col-Met “Collector Style” Batch Powder Booths (RPB) are powder-coated white and available in 7′, 8′ and 10′ high interiors.  They now utilize variable-frequency drives  for more precise motor speed control, reduced operating noise and more static pressure control. Other features include a spark-proof plug-type fan and removable powder drawers, and an optional fluidized bed is

Waterborne-Ready Booth Heaters

Reliant’s heat systems easily mount to existing heated or unheated paint booths. Reliant’s newest model features 1.5 million BTU output, VFD airflow adjustment, digital controls, integrated stand, intake filtration and waterborne-ready high velocity airflow for less than $10,000. Call (888) 770-0021 or visit www.reliantfinishingsystems.com. 

Ultra Comfort and Protection

The polyester and carbon fiber threads of Trimaco’s Spray Suit Ultra deliver superior anti-static control, Trimaco says. The  breathable, lightweight material and fuller fit of this spray suit provide comfort, so you can focus on the job at hand. E-mail [email protected] or visit www.trimaco.com.