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Open Locked Doors Easily

The BigEasy Loop (P/N 32903) assists technicians in using the BigEasy to open locked cars. The BigEasy Loop snaps on to any of the BigEasy Lockout Tools to pull door handles and window cranks during the door unlocking process. It’s made from low density polyethylene which provides a strong but flexible tool that can adapt

Strong Thermoplastic Repairs

The E-Z Weld Model 2.0 Hot Air Welder for thermoplastics repairs made in the USA features a precise air regulator for ultimate air control. A “push-on” temperature control switch allows for easy adjustment and repeatability. A sturdy metal control box, heavy-gauge welding stand and a selection of plastic welding rod are included. The 550W element

No Prying Needed

The Auto34 leverless tire changer was on the job when 650 Nissan-USA dealers were introduced to the 2009 GT-R model at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Performance Racing employed the Auto34 to keep the cars riding on fresh rubber. It’s designed to quickly and easily service these types of performance tire and wheel combinations without difficulty.

High-Production Clear Coat

The new Permasolid HS Optimum Clear Coat 8600 is easy to apply, highly productive, and has an excellent build and brilliant finish. Apply  in only one-and-a-half coats with only a 15-minute bake time. This high solids National Rule clear offers significantly greater square foot coverage compared with most other clears and works with the new

Gain Welding Efficiency

Cebotech’s model no. 3664 220V three-phase 60-amp inverter welder features a new programmable design, intelligent welder control, innovative gun design, more power (up to 14,000 amps), more squeeze force (up to 1,325 lbs.) and efficient power usage. It welds all new metals and is fully water-cooled. Visit

Rotary and Random Orbital Action

The new Rotary/ Random Orbital Sanding Head allows the user to switch from rotary to random orbital action with the push of a button. Utilizing either an electric or air-powered tool, the user operates the pad in a rotary (cut) mode for buffing and removing dust nibs, light scratches, oxidation and “orange peel.” Then, switch

Proven Waterborne System

Available in the European Union since 2006, the Pro-Spray H2O waterborne system offers European and North American shops converting to waterborne a proven, compliant and easy-to-use system. Pearl, aluminum, xirallic and solid shake-and-pour toners mix to provide one of the most comprehensive ranges of waterborne color formulas available. No special mixing equipment is needed and

Unique Spot Welding Technology

Celette’s MIDIspot VISION enables  automatic spot welding and precise measurement. It has reproducible welding quality and documentation welding parameters. The system includes a transformer C-gun with four water-cooled electrode arms, trolley, gun supporter and re-cooling unit. Visit

Clean, Dry, Oil-Free Air

The new QC3 Air Filtration System is efficient and produces clean, dry and oil-free air for paint applications and service outlets. The quick-change bowl with inlet air valve accommodates rapid, trouble-free maintenance without shutting off main shop air. The quick-change, 3-in-1 cartridge with larger filter media provides longer life than disposable dryers. Visit 

Remove Fine Sanding Marks

Farécla’s G3 Production Compound is the world’s leading general use liquid compound, setting a benchmark standard in surface finishing. The easy to use, one step system provides a rapid cutting action with a water-based, diminishing abrasive formula that quickly and permanently removes P1500 or finer sanding marks from all modern refinish paint systems. 

Non-Hazardous Gun Cleaner

The Bonny Marlin is a zero-hazardous waste, non-hazard- ous paint gun cleaning and recycling system that uses an EPA-recognized, non-hazardous solution to clean waterborne and solventborne paints. The cleaning solution is used over and over. Lacquer thinner and electric recyclers aren’t needed. Visit

Hydraulic, Pneumatic and HVAC Needs

Martin’s single-end flare nut wrenches are used for hydraulic, pneumatic and HVAC applications and feature a 7-degree, 12- point opening. The 12-point hex open box slips over the line and onto the fitting.  More contact means less chance of slipping, and the wrenches also work well in tight quarters. The wrenches are available in 16