Charlie Barone, Author at BodyShop Business
Does an Insurance Company Have the Right By Law to Ask for All Invoices on Parts Used for Repair?

When repairing a car covered by insurance, does the insurer have the right by law to ask for all invoices on parts used for the repair? It seems to me that your profit on parts is not their business.

What Do We Do When We Repair a Customer’s Car But They Take the Insurance Money and Run?

A customer brings their car in for repair, we repair the car, the customer gets the check for the repairs from their insurer and then keeps the money. We have the car, but the “buy here-pay here” dealer is trying to get the court to order us to turn the car over to them even though the car is in the owner’s name. We asked the dealer to pay us and they refused. What recourse do we have?

Collision Repair Data Mining: Is It a Threat to Your Business?

Collision repairers are becoming increasingly concerned that their data is being used in ways they’re unaware of. They also feel it’s being used against them to control market dynamics.

CCRE Legal Seminar Featured High-Profile Attorneys

Legal eagles discussed cases on tortious interference, diminished value and other issues collision repair facilities are commonly confronted with.

Should Collision Repairers Unionize?

Some say that unions could be the solution to low wages and other issues in the collision repair industry. Others say unions would make those problems worse in a “careful what you wish for” scenario.

Why Should the Shop Make up the Dollar Difference in a Damage Claim?

An insurance claim repair involves four parties: the insurance agent, vehicle owner, insurance company and repair shop. So why is it assumed that the shop will make up the dollar difference in a damage claim?

Do Shops Have a Legal Obligation to Check Related Systems for Damage?

In a front-end accident where there is front bumper and frame damage visible, are body shops required to check the radiator for leaks with a pressure test? If they didn’t, what problems can occur afterward? Are body shops required to have certified mechanics on site to guarantee the work for auto insurance company claims?

Preventing Peelers

A shocking number of bumper covers painted in body shops end up peeling, but all it takes is following the paint manufacturer’s procedures for finishing flexible parts to banish these eyesores forever.

How Do I Handle a Customer Who Wants Prior Damage Written into an Insurance Claim Estimate?

What is the best way to handle a customer who wants you to write prior damage on an estimate for an insurance claim?

Can Insurers Take Betterment Off a Remanufactured Component Installed After a Collision?

Asked by Joe Frohlich, Radical Motorsports, Ramsey, N.J.

Turning Passion Into Profit

In an enterprise that typically results in a major profit drain, one southeast Texas shop has bucked the trend and, in fact, turned a passion into profit.

Buyer Education: Spray Guns

Spray guns have come a long way since they first hit the market, and the universe has expanded. A look at their history and the many different types available will give us a greater appreciation for these marvels.