Jon Owens, Author at BodyShop Business
Thank You and Farewell

This is the last column I’ll write for BodyShop Business as its publisher, and while it’s a sad occasion for me, it’s also quite a relief. You have no idea how difficult it is to come up with topical, fresh and (hopefully) compelling editorial month after month. Can you imagine standing in front of 60,000

DRPs Have Run Their Course

Where I live, there’s quite a battle going on between grocery stores to  get more and more shoppers to come through their doors and earn their loyalty so that they keep shopping with them over and over again. These “frequent shopper” programs come in all shapes and sizes across all types of retail markets. Until

Shame on the No-Shows

As publishers of this industry’s leading trade magazine, we’re often used as a sounding board for various opinions, thoughts and editorials on a variety of subjects by industry participants at every level. We’re always respectful to keep these commentaries in confidence when that is the intent of the sender, and we’re careful never to compromise

Striding Toward Unity

Editor Jason Stahl interviews the top executives at each of the industry’s major shop-owner associations.

Fox Fiasco Mars Industry: Fox Collision Centers

For a little over a month now, we’ve been following the saga of Fox Collision Centers. How embarrassing! It’s like a bad train wreck that you can’t pull your eyes from. This story line gets more and more tragic with each passing day, and not in a way that makes you the least bit compassionate

Only the Strong Will Survive

As we embark on yet another NACE, the industry turns its collective head toward the ever-increasing tension between shops and insurers and asks, “What will be done to make this a more productive, pleasurable and mutually profitable relationship? Because what we have today is simply an exercise in continuous frustration and turmoil.” As if on

Follow March’s Example

BodyShop Business contributor March Taylor passes away.

Web Site a Necessity Today

Only 35 percent of shops have their own Web site.

Earn Back Your Leverage

Leverage is an intriguing prospect. If you own or operate a business, it’s something you want.

Helping to Move the Industry Forward

A little more than two years ago, as I began my tenure as publisher of this great magazine, several advisors offered me help, commentary, assistance and support. For that, I was genuinely appreciative. However, as I think back upon that time, I’m reminded of the general “tone” of their input. Mostly, how they felt the

Change is in the Air: Solvent-Based Paint to Waterborne Paint

Sooner, rather than later, it’s predicted the industry will transition from solvent-based paint to waterborne paint. And, as would be expected, there will be the usual amount of resistance and backlash. However, many in the industry are already embracing waterborne technology, whether forced by government regulation or of their own volition, and these pacesetters will

Standards: Good or Bad?

Earlier this week, a news blurb caught my eye that had to do with an industry standard for the development of collision repair methods in the United Kingdom. An insurer-funded research entity called Thatcham will develop the standard that they claim will “ensure vehicle repair methods are comprehensive, easy to use, and widely available and