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Repair Metal/Plastic Fast

The Sonic Bond Universal Plastic Repair Kit repairs most plastics, metals, glass, rubber and wood. It’s ideal for structural repairs to interior panel tabs, headlight bezel tabs and more. It can be sanded, filed, drilled, tapped, carved or painted, and it cures in about three seconds. Call (208) 667-4066 or e-mail [email protected].

Flexible Solution for Fire Protection

The MONARCH system offers spraybooth fire protection with 24/7 automatic detection and alarm and fire suppression for both enclosed and open-faced booths. It now also features expanded system capa- bilities for large truck booth applications.

PDR for More Profit

For a body shop to remain competitive in today’s market, the best thing you can do is offer clients additional repair options, especially when insurance providers are writing more paintless dent repair (PDR) work.  With the help of PDR Coach, learn the techniques of glue pulling, traditional PDR and how to write accurate estimates for

Better Atomization, Wider Spray Pattern

TEKNA’s spray gun features advanced free airflow technology that delivers optimal metallic distribution and spray pattern length for basecoats, plus superior atomization and pattern length for clearcoats.  Each gun is waterborne compatible and comes in both HVLP and high-efficiency models.

Faster, Greener Option to Paint Removal

Soda Blast Systems introduces the environmentally-friendly Model LV 100 – an affordable option for any size shop. It’s a non-abrasive paint and coating removal method that can be safely used on almost all surfaces. Strip a panel in just 12 minutes or less, or an entire car in under a day.  No masking of glass

Prevent Metal Tears

Unibody cars need multiple pulls to spread the load and prevent metal from tearing. Save panels, apron, radiator supports and rails like never before. Each pull has 11.2-ton capacity and is individually controlled. Plus, there are no awkward valves to turn on and off.

Optically Clear Resin Technology

Intercoat/Blending Clear #2020-1 features   the latest in optically clear resin technology.  This ultra-high solids product may be re-duced from 1:1 up to 1:3 and features a two-coat tape time of only 20 minutes at 75° F. Cost is about $70 per gallon. Call (800) 476-3006.

Interchangeable Heads

This air tool has interchangeable heads that spin at 20,000 rpm, “tapping” the backside to the metal at a controllable rate. It can be used for paintless dent repair or body work.

Hoist It Up

With a retracted height of 5”, the Cartar Auto Hoist will easily move under any vehicle and lift it to a comfortable and safe working height. You can also move the lifted vehicle to anywhere in your shop on its four casters.

Extreme Matt Grade

Standocryl 2K Matt Clear 007 shows an extreme matt grade, which can be used alone or mixed with Standox 2K Clears to achieve various degrees of flatness/gloss levels.

Quick-Drying Two-Component Primer

The Euro Classic DTM (Direct -to-Metal) Primer is a two-component primer surfacer that’s quick drying and easy to sand, wet or dry. It provides exceptional corrosion protection along with excellent fill and build properties. Also, it can be tinted using Transtar’s Star Shade system. Finally, use it as a sealer when reduced with Transtar’s Urethane

Accurate Color Matching

The Prospector color reference system allows for fast, accurate color reference,  including the latest waterborne aftermarket coatings. More than 3,000 solid and metallic colors are arranged in hand-held decks and organized by color family using spectrophotometric and visual methods. Call (800) 798-5872