Auto Body Shop Diagnostic Tools and Equipment
Electronic Blueprinting: Necessary for Today’s Vehicles

How many times are you missing scanning, reprogramming or recalibration procedures?

Scanning and Recalibration: Big Picture Thinking

The systems and features in today’s vehicles are the complex part. It’s hard for any of us to fathom how some of the electronics work. Now, we have to factor them into the repair process.

Scanning and Recalibration: Have a Plan

What’s the best way to handle scanning, purchasing a scan tool or subletting your scanning or recalibration? Unfortunately, there is not one plan or program that fits all.

ADAS Sensors and Alignment Procedures

Awareness is half the battle with ADAS. Knowing that there is a camera behind the windshield or a radar unit behind the grille can help you make the correct choices before, during and after an alignment or repair.

Scanning and Battery Support: It’s All About Power

A vehicle comes into your shop and you want to run a pre-repair scan. The vehicle’s battery is where you will get power to diagnose with a scan tool in the OBD port. So what if the battery is low on charge?

Technical: Steering Angle FAQs

Did you know that many vehicles require that the steering angle sensor be reset or recalibrated after an alignment is performed or parts in the steering system are replaced?

I-CAR Provides Primer on Park-Assist Systems

Understanding how advanced driver-assistance systems work is a key aspect of diagnosing problems with the technology – and avoiding replacing parts that aren’t causing the system issues.

Getting Paid For Scanning: ‘The 800-Pound Gorilla’

As with any hot topic in collision repair, the discussion inevitably turns to the insurance industry.

Scanning and Recalibration: Not the Same

Many shops tend to use the terms “pre-repair scanning,” “post-repair scanning” and “post-repair calibration” interchangeably – when, in reality, they are separate procedures.

Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning: Plugging into the Truth

Scanning has become a necessary step to determine whether all the sophisticated electronics and safety features in today’s high-tech vehicles are functioning properly – before and after the repair.

OEMs on Scanning: In Their Own Words

As part of a scanning guide in the July 2017 issue, BodyShop Business published excerpts from the OEM position statements and comments from OEM representatives shedding more light on the need for diagnostic scanning.

Mitchell and Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Announce Collaboration to Deliver the Mitchell Diagnostics System

Mitchell states that its patent-pending collision diagnostic system combines the best-in-class aftermarket scan tool with workflow application to document pre- and post-repair scans.