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Clean Up your Act

That tiny spec of dirt in your paint job costs you a lot more time and money to remove than it would have to prevent it. In The Big Book of Painting, page 2,344, paragraph 6, the author explains “The Rule of Dirt”: “All dirt comes to you. But from where? you sayeth. I sayeth,

Not All Wheel Alignments Are Created Equal

The process of aligning a collision-damaged vehicle is much more involved thanperforming a maintenance alignment. If thecustomer hasn’t hit anything, the technician can make many assumptions.But making assumptions about a collision-related four-wheel alignment will put your shop on a crash course. Ever since rear adjustable suspensions became commonplace in our industry, the argument has raged

More Brains, Less Brawn: Straightening a Vehicle

Brute force isn’t necessary to straighten a vehicle. Still, techs like to flex their muscles rather than use their brains to get the job done.

What Kind of Repairs Do You Want to Do?

The only way to achieve consistent, quality repairs is to establish clearly defined goals and communicate them to your staff

Frame Rail: Repair or Replace?

Because your customers’ safety is in your hands, it’s crucial to know when – and when not – to section a damaged frame rail.

How to Fix Rust on Cars, Trucks

As you read this, a vehicle somewhere is rusting. And although rust repair isn’t for everyone, a shop owner somewhere is profiting from it. Could that shop owner be you?