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Should You Get Into Bedliners?

Sure, starting a spray-on bedliner business sounds like guaranteed money in your hands, but if you aren’t informed on the technical aspects, then you may soon find yourself empty-handed instead.

On Your Mark … Get Set … Go!: Benchmarking

Are your employees living up to their potential? Is your shop? One way to be sure is to use benchmarks. Benchmarking allows you to compare your business’ performance to other businesses so you can discover where opportunity exists.

Hey, Big Spender: Insurance Company CEO Salaries

Before you start believing that billion-dollar judgments against State Farm and other insurance companies will bleed them dry (fat chance) and necessitate premium hikes, check out the exorbitant CEO salaries these companies pay. With paychecks and stock options like these, insurers obviously have a money tree planted somewhere.

Start with a Good Foundation

The vehicle may “look” pretty good, but that’s no excuse to move forward without measuring — hoping for the best. Before repair work begins, you need to ensure a true foundation with respect to datum, length and sway.

Precision Work” “Pull & Square Body”

How many of you use the term “pull and square body”? How many of you know exactly what it means? To an adjuster, it’s a non-specific repair term that often leads to a reduction in time and pay. But being more descriptive about frame damage and pulling procedures on your estimates can change that

Before You Hand Over the Cash

When you’re looking to purchase new measuring or straightening equipment, price shouldn’t be the only consideration. To be sure you end up with the right system, analyze your current and future business needs before you make a deal.

Pulling for You: Straightening

Straightening isn’t simply about yanking the vehicle until it pops back into shape — it’s about understanding how the vehicle reacted to the impact and what you need to do to bring it back to pre-accident condition. It requires thought — not just action.

Restoring Corrosion Protection

Just because you’ve meticulously measured and pulled a vehicle back to spec doesn’t mean your job is done. One of the most important tasks in bringing a car back to pre-accident condition is still at hand: restoring corrosion protection.

Made in Taiwan

You know that aftermarket parts come from Taiwan, but do you know what specific companies those parts come from? Probably not. But you will. For the next few months, we’ll take a look at several of the key Taiwanese A/M parts manufacturers.

Got the Paint Problem Blues?

Little paint problems can cost big bucks. But instead of spending a lot of green to make sure the reds, blues, metallics and pearls come out right, listen to the advice of experts who’ve experienced — and solved — these small, but expensive, problems.

Audi Auditions!

The 2000 Audi TT Coupe

Bedlining Your Pockets

As pickup trucks continue to grow more popular, so does consumer demand for bedliners. In fact, the spray-on bedliner aftermarket hit $90 million ’98. But how much of that $90 mil went into your bank account?