May 2016 Archives - BodyShop Business
Technical: Masking Solutions

We have it a lot better today than our predecessors when it comes to masking and tape options for refinish.

Business Management: Electronic Avenue

A lot of body shops are still ordering parts via the phone or fax, but electronic parts procurement is slowly but surely gaining ground.

Aluminum Series: Straight Talk on Aluminum Structural Repair

Straightening aluminum can be a challenge. The first step is, do you know what you’re dealing with and what’s required?

Technical: The Evolution of Plastic Repair

More and more damaged plastic parts are being saved from the scrap heap by new technology.

One Kick at a Time

Body shop manager and rugby enthusiast Jessica King has forged a path for women in the auto body industry and made a believer out of customers and employees alike.

10 Things That Will Kill Cycle Time in Your Body Shop

These are 10 things that body shops do every day that make no sense in our industry and only serve to make us more inefficient and less profitable.

How to Deal with Unreasonable Customers

How do you politely tell the customer to take a hike? Is it even possible to do so?

Health & Safety: Respirators – The VIP of PPE Part II

In a shop, workers are exposed to several different hazards that require the use of a respirator, but the choice of respirator determines the effectiveness of the protection.

Web Presence Management: Cheaters Never Prosper

If cheaters don’t prosper, how come spam is so popular as a means to scam people out of their hard-earned dollars?

The “Other Guy’s” Repair

The perfect 100-point collision repair could take a really long time. And while those multiple steps and tasks may be exactly what the car manufacturer recommended, any real-world body shop has to balance the ideal repair with the time allowed.

Publisher’s Perspective: Don’t Be Distracted by What Washington Is Doing

There are things happening around us in the world of the automotive aftermarket that are very concerning. I’m sure many of us did not see or hear about the issue I’m going to talk about, but I think that is what is so concerning.

Editor’s Notes: What’s the Procedure?

At some point, this industry has to get on the same page as to how to properly and safely repair vehicles.