November, 2015 Archives - BodyShop Business
How They Work: Plastic Repair

More and more shops are repairing plastics today. Success usually follows for those who take the time to learn the correct methods to do it.

Technical: Tips for Saving Time and Money

I surveyed the industry and came up with some procedural tips and tips for technicians that will lead to a smoother running and more profitable shop.

A Glimpse into the Future

What our business might look like in 2045 is anyone’s guess. And guess we did, starting with what Mrs. Smith’s ride might look like.

Who Polices Auto Insurer Call Centers?

I’ve lost many potential repairs due to State Farm’s strong-arm tactics steering customers to their choice of repair centers instead of the customer’s. So my question is, ‘Who, if anyone, polices these call centers?’

Health & Safety: You, Me and PPE – Part 2

When it comes to personal protective equipment, most of the responsibility falls on the employer. But employees also share in that PPE responsibility. This includes maintaining their PPE and – most important – wearing it!

Web Presence Management: Video Is Where It’s At

If you truly plan on having an effective presence with your website and social media, then video cannot be ignored.

Get Help!

Join your trade association. Be an active participant. Your business will be better because of it. I know from personal experience.

Publisher’s Perspective: I Still Am Amazed

Each year, I continue to watch our industry in awe. We continue to grow and have successful years as an industry, and it’s never more apparent as when we all head to Las Vegas for AAPEX and SEMA.

Editor’s Notes: I Fell in Love with a Lambo

I set my eyes on a Lamborghini at SEMA. She was charcoal gray with black rims and style lines that made her look like she was moving while standing still.