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The Bottom Line: Many in This Industry Clearly Are Struggling to Run a Profitable Business

Before billing in dollars, I performed excellent work but was only paid for 60 to 70 percent of it,” says an Illinois shop owner. “The customers and insurance companies were happy, but I was poor.”

Determined to Make a Difference: Jon Owens is the New Publisher of Bodyshop Business Magazine

Welcome to my tenure as publisher of BodyShop Business magazine. I must say it’s an honor to serve this tremendous industry. While I may be new to the collision repair industry, I’m a lifelong automotive aftermarketer, having spent the last 20 years of my life in various sales and marketing positions, mostly on the aftermarket

Does Association Membership Benefit a Collision Repair Shop?

Richard Lata, owner Martinsville Collision Martinsville, Va. Opinion: No We’re on DRPs with 12 different insurance companies, and we’re not even a big shop – I’m only 6,500 square feet. I’m an independent, and I’ve only been in business five years. In that five years time, I’ve learned how to go out and get work

Chasing the Dream: Transition from Technician to Shop Owner

Making a successful transition from technician to shop owner is possible – provided you realize that you’ll need a completely new set of skills to manage a shop.

Thought You Wanted Fastener Kits?

When repairers make requests but fail to act when an OEM delivers, it becomes less and less likely an OEM will act when subsequent requests are made.

Billing in Dollar$ Makes More Cents

No longer will you have to use (and justify) the labor hour “two-fer” ratio. Labor hours become irrelevant – and so does the insurance industry’s so-called “prevailing competitive price.”

Bottom Line: Database Differences Cost You

If our estimates match in content but a “database difference” hoses me out of money, I insist the insurance appraiser split the difference with me.

Paid in Full

A new service dedicated to collecting overdue and insurer-contested accounts takes the frustrating, time-consuming burden off your back — and gets you paid fairly for what you do.

Pearl Tricoat: Refinishing Made Easy

The problem: You don’t know how many coats of pearl the OEM applied at the factory. The solution: Make a letdown panel.

Mentoring Works

This real-life success story shows how mentoring can help to bring talented youngsters into your shop — and into
an industry in need of recruits.

Illinois Supreme Court Overturns Avery v State Farm

The billion-dollar judgment against State Farm for deceiving policyholders by specifying the use of non-OEM parts was tossed on a technicality — while massive amounts of evidence went unnoticed (or, as one justice contends, ignored).