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Quick Plastic Repair

FAST PATCH is the ideal patch material for quickly and permanently repairing tears, holes and other structural damage to bumpers and other cosmetic automotive plastic parts. When heat is applied to the patch, it can be shaped to any contour. When cool, the patch hardens into shape and provides additional support to the part. The

Heat Inductor With Two-Year Warranty

The INDUCTOR PRO MAX4 is the only commercial grade induction heating tool with a two-year warranty and a full year on attachments. Capable of heating aluminum or steel, it operates on 120 volts/20amps. PRO MAX4 comes with new high performance INDUCTOR “U-Series” attachments molded in high-temp-, impact- and chemical-resistant epoxy polymers including. Call (877) 688-9633.

Easy Adhesion to Plastic

2.1 VOC Adhesion Promoter from Southern Polyurethanes provides excellent adhesion of coatings to all problem plastics, including TEO and TPO. Use with Southern Polyurethanes Waterborne Wax & Grease Remover. It costs $18.75 per quart and is compliant in all 50 states. Call (706) 781-2220.

High Performance Transfer Tapes

Adchem Corporation offers high performance adhesive transfer tapes for bonding to foams used for sound attenuation and vibration damping. Adchem’s adhesive transfer tapes provide excellent adhesion to most foams and plastic materials, including low surface energy substrates.

Versatile Metal and Plastic Bonding Products

LORD Corporation’s Fusor products offer a range of acrylic, epoxy and urethane products for metal and plastic bonding and repair, and a line of sealers, foams, guns and other accessories. Fusor 806, the one-component sprayable seam sealer and texturizer can be used in body panels to duplicate OEM chip guard appearances, rear wheel houses, floor

Remove Adhesives in Seconds

The INDUCTOR MAX3 is the most energy efficient induction heater available. It can perform tasks such as removing decals, stripes, vinyl graphics, molding, caulking and seam sealers to heating nuts and bolts red-hot in seconds. It comes with three attachments: Glassblaster,  Fast-Off pad and Concentrator. All models operate on 120 volts. Call (877) 688-9633.

Superior Adhesion and Structurally Sound Repair

Why inventory two resins when ALL-RESIN Polyester-Hybrid Repair Resin is all you need? With advanced formulation technology, it delivers superior adhesion and a structurally sound, worry-tree repair. The thick, non-sag formula provides better vertical hold for side panel and truck repairs and the quick cure delivers a tack-free finish that easily sands without clogging your

Remove Adhesives With Ease

Made from soybeans,  Bean-e-doo Automotive Adhesive Remover is a green product that improves how you remove tape from body side moldings. After soaking in a tray filled with Bean-e-doo, the adhesive softens and slides off the molding. This product reduces your job man-hours by over 75 percent.

High Performance Induction Heater

The INDUCTOR PRO MAX4 is the only commercial-grade in-duction heating tool that’s capable of heating aluminum or steel and has a two-year warranty. This machine operates on only 120 volts/20amps and comes with new high performance INDUCTOR “U-Series” attachments, which include: the Glass Blaster, Concentrator, Rosebud and FAST-OFF Pad. Call (877) 688-9633 or visit

Noryl Resin Bonding

  Adchem Corporation bonding solutions, coupled with SABIC Innovative Plastics Noryl Resin, serve a wide variety of applications. Several Adchem tape products have  options for mounting and foam bonding, depending on the performance requirements and the other bonded substrate. Visit 

Feathers Smoothly

MAXIM Quick-N-Firm single-component seam sealers feathers smoothly and can be used for sealing interior or exterior joints. MAXIM MSX duplicates OEM-textured seams and can be beaded, brushed or sprayed. Both are permanently flexible and offer excellent adhesion. Visit

Heat Aluminum or Steel in Seconds

Molded in impact/flame/chemical resistant epoxy poly- mers, the U-511 Rosebud heats 1/2” steel 1,400° in seconds. Air-cooled for long-term use, it’s perfect for aluminum applications such as graphic/adhesive removal, stress relieving and annealing. For steel, it can be used on frames, in removing metal bond adhesives and fabricating. Call (877) 688-9633 or visit