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Editor’s Notes: Look, Ma, No Hands!

When I first read about driverless cars, I was appalled. But the idea has been growing on me.

The Driverless Debate: Poll Reveals Americans are Split on Future of Self-Driving Cars

Americans remain split on whether driverless cars are safe for those inside them, but the majority see them as a danger to pedestrians and fellow drivers.

Consumer Watchdog Cites Shortcomings In Driverless Car Technology

Consumer advocacy group warns California DMV of allowing Google to push it into issuing rules regulating the public use of “robot cars” on highways that are “inadequate to protect public safety.”

Driverless Car Beats Racecar Driver for First Time

Autonomous Audi TTS bests amateur touring class champion David Vodden by 0.4 seconds.

First Driverless Car Hits Streets of England

Electric-powered LUTZ Pathfinder is able to travel up to 12 miles per hour and uses cameras, radar and sensors to avoid obstacles.

Consulting Group Says Self-Driving Vehicle Features Could Represent $42 Billion Market By 2025

Partially autonomous vehicles are likely to hit the roads in large numbers by 2017; one-fifth of U.S. drivers say they would pay more than $5,000 extra for features such as highway or urban autopilot.