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GFS to Participate in Free Shipping Day with REVO Handheld

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) is offering free shipping on REVO Handheld on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017 for all U.S. and Canadian customers.

Infratech Introduces Speed Ray 2

The Speed Ray 2 is a high-intensity portable short wave lamp, capable of both vertical and horizontal flexibility for curing hard to reach areas.

Infrared Heat Cure Panel

The Beacon BPIHP series of portable infrared heat panels use medium-wave radiant-producing heating elements to cure or boost finishes with a reduced chance of blistering.

Two-Stage, 5-Micron Rated Filter

The Extractor/Dryer is a two-stage filter designed to operate most efficiently within 25 feet of the point of use.

Remove Particles and Lower Humidity

The WNA AMD-035 Membrane Dryer is capable of removing particles down to .01 microns and lowers the humidity level by venting it harmlessly into the surrounding atmosphere.

Prevent Pipe Sweating and Condensation

The Refrigerated Air Dryer provides reduced dewpoint temperature and air line filtration for a wide variety of compressed air applications.

Four-Stage Membrane Dryer

The WNA AMD-035 Membrane Dryer removes moisture, liquids, dust, rust, scale and other contaminants to .01 microns.

Lower Air Humidity

The WNA AMD-035 Membrane Dryer has four-stage pre-filtration that’s critical to the longevity and function of the membrane dryer.

Speed Up Cure Times

“Rapid Cure” Accelerated Reducer (MRS-155) is designed to accelerate cure times without sacrificing quality and useable potlife.

Mobile, User-Friendly Dryer

Tsunami’s Portable Regenerative Dryer features an oil coalescing pre-filter and outlet regulator, as well as a portable hard case with roller wheels.

Cut Paint Usage Up to 35 Percent

Wedge Clamp says its NitroHeat shortens drying time and cuts paint usage, saving body shops $35,000 annually.

Ideal Air Solution

Extractor/Dryer has flow ranges of 15 SCFM to 2000 SCFM and pressure ratings of up to 250 PSI for an array of applications.