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Ultraviolet Curing

The new UVA1200 curing lamp is the most advanced system available to cure state-of-the-art ultraviolet automotive finishing products. Developed in conjunction with leading automotive coatings manufacturers, it features 1,200 watts of curing power and up to 30” x 30” of coverage. Visit www.hsautoshot.com.

Reduce Dry Times

Accele-Cure reduces dry times with both waterborne and solvent-based products as uniform metal temperatures are achieved faster. Installation is fast for minimal downtime. Also, it’s competitively priced and energy efficient, costing less than $1 per hour on average to operate. It’s also maintenance-friendly with no additional ducts and filters to be cleaned or replace. No

Dry Waterborne Fast

The AdvanceCure Accelerated Airflow System is ultimate solution for body shops looking to retrofit their paint booths for enhanced waterborne drying performance. It yields the fastest drying times with waterborne paints and provides complete vehicle airflow coverage for consistent drying over the entire vehicle. It’s also fast and easy to install into virtually any model

High-Watt Curing

With 1,200 watts of curing power and larger surface coverage  up to 30” x 30”, this new UVA1200 curing lamp en-hances the existing 400 watt series of ultraviolet paint curing products. H&S Autoshot claims it provides the most advanced curing systems available to cure state-of-the-art ultraviolet automotive finishing products.

Infratech recently introduced its new model Speed Dry (Part No. 15-1000).

Infratech recently introduced its new model Speed Dry (Part No. 15-1000).  The Speed Dry is designed as an ultra-efficient electric alternative to the air-consuming venturi systems sold for accelerating waterborne primers and basecoats. The new Speed Dry with Heater (Part No. 15-1015) also provides one of the fastest dry times available.  

Consistent Cures

IRT mobile curing units and overhead track systems come with the IRT XLNC sensor kit, the only one on the market with built-in sensors including: a laser pointer, a distance sensor to set optimum distance from the panel, and a temperature sensor that reads the temperature of the coating, eliminating any possibility of overheating and

Faster Dry Times

A strategically placed accelerator system in-creases airflow, which reduces flash times and bake cycle times. This results in reduced dry times with waterborne and solvent-based products; uniform metal temperatures are achieved faster; minimal downtime during the installation of Accele-cure; quietness and ease of operation; competitive cost as compared with other retrofit systems; and energy efficiency

Reduce Cure Time

The JetAir System is a cost- effective, versatile system that significantly reduces the cure or dry time of both solvent- and waterborne coatings. Flash times are as low as 2.5 minutes with waterborne basecoat, meaning shorter cycle times, greater output, lower energy consumption and reduced costs.

Dry Waterbornes Fast

The SpectraJet air mover is designed to dry waterborne basecoats. It outperformed its nearest competitor by 22 percent and reduced dry times to as little as just four minutes. Only $399, it’s for body shops looking for a cheaper alternative to using heated air in the spraybooth to dry waterbornes. E-mail [email protected].

Cure Hard to Reach Areas

The Speed Ray 2 is a high-intensity, portable shortwave lamp capable of both vertical and horizontal flexibility for curing hard to reach areas. It features 1,650 watts of curing power over a 3’ x 4’ coverage area. A 60-minute timer and auto shutdown feature save energy. An iridium-filtered halogen bulb reduces glare for operator safety.