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In Search of a Good Technician

All too often, an owner’s solution to low production is to hire more people. However, if the shop is not properly organized for production, more employees will only add to the confusion and adversely affect your income.

Can I Ask Them to Sign That? An Introduction to Employment Agreements

Today, our question is, “Can I ask my employees to sign that?” You may be thinking, “Wow – contracts? I think I’m already asleep.” However, it is worth spending a few minutes to discuss the ins and outs of the most common employment agreements.

The MSO: Hiring an HR Manager

Large body shop organizations should take steps early to handle HR issues efficiently and hire the right HR manager to guide their growth.

Hiring an HR Manager
Hiring: Need Auto Body Technicians to Fill Jobs?

There’s a battle raging in our industry to hire and keep technicians. What is the solution so that every shop has the people they need to operate efficiently and profitably? Part 1 of a 2-part series.

Follow the Leader

Hiring the right people and identifying those who have potential for leadership roles is crucial for companies to grow and prosper in today’s business climate.

Tackling Substance Abuse

Addressing substance abuse among your employees first starts with having a policy stated in your employee handbook.

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