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Shops’ Opportunity to Grade Insurers Ends This Week

This is the final week for collision repairers to grade insurers in their state via CRASH Network’s Insurer Report Card.

Insurers: How Low Will They Go?

If a shop doesn’t bend to an insurer’s mandates, they will often take the position of: if you’re not with us, then you’re against us.

Auto Insurers May Need an Overhaul to Ward Off Competition from Automakers

Insurance companies now face the major threat of new technology, which sends key information about drivers’ behavior directly to carmakers.

Survey Finds 7 in 10 Insurers Unprepared for Potential Disruption from Autonomous Vehicles

Eighty-four percent of insurance executives don’t expect autonomous vehicles to have a significant impact on their business until 2025, while 42 percent expect a significant impact in six to 10 years.

Delaware Body Shop Owner, Workers Accused of Insurance Fraud

Suspects are accused of intentionally damaging cars and defrauding insurance companies out of $85,000.