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Drywall Pro’s Tape Dispenser Invention a Hit with Auto Painters

Drywall contractor Shadrach Gibson came up with an ingenious invention to save labor on his job and is now finding that auto refinish technicians are interested in his new tool too.

Survey: More Shops Getting Paid for Masking During Priming

Approximately 45% of shops today say they’re paid always or most of the time for masking during priming.

FrogTape Introduces New Line of Performance Masking Tapes

The FrogTape brand has introduced a family of performance masking tapes geared for peak performance in the most challenging marine, industrial, transportation and automotive coating applications. The new product line includes three high-performance products, with two additional fineline masking tapes joining the collection from Shurtape brand, sister brand to FrogTape. All five products combine for

SEM Expands Product Offering with New Plastic Masking Film

In this all-new category for SEM, four plastic sheeting options offer reliable and easy to use masking films.

“Who Pays for What?” Survey on Billing for Masking When Priming

The survey highlights an upward trend in the percentage of shops across the U.S. regularly being paid by the eight largest national insurers to mask as necessary for priming.

Champ Frame Equipment Unveils Two New Painting Masking Machines

Both the Deluxe Mobile Masker and the Deluxe Mobile Masker/Parts Handler are made in the USA of solid steel construction for durability.

Technical: Masking Solutions

We have it a lot better today than our predecessors when it comes to masking and tape options for refinish.

Gain Total Control with JTape’s Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape

Prime & Paint Foam Masking Tape is a 2-in-1 masking product for masking wet-on-wet priming or sealing then painting.

Save Time and Money with Tube Tape

The foam core lets Tube Tape completely fill gaps, even around sharp corners. Plus, you don’t waste time scraping off adhesive, because it leaves no residue.