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The Digital Transformation of Collision Repair

The strategic integration of digital tools and technologies in body shops is becoming the new refinish industry benchmark.

Survey: More Auto Body Shops Using Materials Invoicing

Significantly more body shops now are using an invoicing system to bill for materials — at least some of the time — according to a “Who Pays for What” survey conducted earlier this year.

P&M Profitability: Examining the Metrics

If we are not profitable with paint and materials, then the stark reality is that we are paying to fix the car.

Survey Shows Materials Invoicing Systems Usage Increasing

More than 1 in 4 shops are now using a materials invoicing system – a 50-percent increase from just four years ago.

Inventory Management: Clips, Fasteners and Paint and Materials

Those pesky clips and fasteners are typically less than 1% of the total RO dollars but are absolutely an essential part of a correct and timely repair.

Measuring P&M Sales and Expenses in Your Body Shop

In this column, I’ll share my benchmarks and my math for the one management number that every body shop spends at least some math time on – paint and material (P&M) sales and costs.

Reducing Your Paint & Materials Cost

Today’s mission is focused on how PBE distributors can help reduce P&M cost in order to improve P&M profitability and increase output.

Paint & Materials Management: Get the Habit Started

It’s no revelation that the paint labor hours directly affect the P&M reimbursement dollars on every estimate. When you think about that formula, you have to wonder how we got here.

VIDEO: Choosing the Right PBE Jobber, Presented by FinishMaster

In this video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discusses the advantages of having a “vendor partner” and the difference between a good jobber and a great jobber.

Crunch Time with Jason Stahl Episode 17: Paint & Materials Inventory Management, Presented by FinishMaster

This episode features BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discussing paint and materials inventory management and how it can help shops.

Automotive Refinish: Profitability in the Paint Shop

With tighter profit margins today, we need to track our paint and materials usage and a host of other numbers. After all, if you can’t measure it,
you can’t manage it.

Reader’s Choice: What’s the Best Way to Save Money on Paint and Materials?

What’s the best way to save money on the “small stuff” – filler, sandpaper, drill bits, etc.?