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Technical: Carbon Fiber – More Challenges on the Horizon

Automakers are continually turning to lighter materials to hit government fuel efficiency standards. That’s why we may see more carbon fiber in the future.

Technical: Recalibration – A Mandatory Procedure

No light on the dash no longer means a car’s systems are back to normal after a crash repair, which is why recalibration is a must.

Technical: Know Your Adhesives

Many people assume all adhesives work the same. In the repair industry, that’s a dangerous train of thought.

Technical: Mattes and Metallics

Matte finishes and micro-fine metallic finishes present some challenges, but practice and adherence to manufacturer guidelines can help.

Technical: The Heat is Dropping

Heat is the enemy to a lot of the different metals in vehicles today, which is why many of them require MIG brazing.

Technical: Masking Solutions

We have it a lot better today than our predecessors when it comes to masking and tape options for refinish.

Technical: The Evolution of Plastic Repair

More and more damaged plastic parts are being saved from the scrap heap by new technology.

Technical: Testing Your Reputation

Poor welds can destroy a shop’s reputation and create a deadly situation, which is why taking a refresher course and doing test welds is a must.

Technical: Red Hot

More and more body shops are discovering that infrared curing lamps are a key component to improving throughput and cycle time.

Technical: Glass Replacement Goes Hi-Tech

New tools and the need for electronics to complete the job have changed the glass replacement business.

Aluminum Series: Fixing Dents

Aluminum is different than steel. If you don’t take this into account, you’ll set yourself up for failure.

Technical: Measuring for Damage

Improved vehicle designs have resulted in protecting vehicle occupants but creating damage further away from the direct contact area. How are you finding that damage?