Cheryl McMullen, Author at BodyShop Business
The Mustang Kid

Finding the wrecked 1976 Mustang was the easy part. Putting it back together was a real labor of love.

When Stars Collide

This repairer was excited when former NFL running back Harlan Huckleby walked into his Michigan shop. But repairing Huckleby’s car turned out to be more of a headache than a hoot.

2005 Ford GT: Not Your Grandma’s Ford

Why do I know the Ford GT? Maybe because you’re old. But at least your memory’s still good. You’re likely remembering the 1966 Le Mans, when the Ford GT40 race cars swept the top three positions. The 2005 GT is designed with those road warriors in mind.

BMW = More Lovin’

Men who drive BMWs have the most sex.

Leader of the Band: Jim Keller

Shop owner Jim Keller talks about retiring from rock-n-roll, picking up the pieces after a failed merger and lauching a shop network.

Road Kill Reborn

Marion Waldo McChesney is bringing back the dead. Sort of. In her artwork, she’s giving new life to animals smashed by speeding motorists. So the next time you see a flattened frog in the road or squished lizard on the sidewalk, remember, there’s road kill and then there’s art.

Magnum RT: That Thing’s Got a Hemi?

But It’s a Station Wagon!

(Not) Just Horsin’ Around

OK. It’s Journalism 101, here folks. Dog bites man – not a big deal. Man bites dog – now you’ve got yourself a story.

Nissan Murano: Motorin’

Crossover Cool: Nissan says the Murano was developed, designed and engineered specifically for the North American market and represents Nissan’s first entry into the crossover SUV segment. Total Damage? The Murano SE (for sport) starts at $28,200, and the SL (for luxury) starts at $29,150. It’s What’s On the Inside that Counts: Sure, the outside

San Diego Lawyer Writes Auto Body Repair Law Dictionary

San Diego lawyer Bruce Cornblum has written the Auto Body Repair Law Dictionary to help collision repairers understand the relationship between the shop, the insurer and the customer.

Movers and Shakers: Kevin Caldwell

Kevin Caldwell discusses his hopes for the industry, his concerns about third-party influence and his inability to remember punch lines. Hard work is nothing new to Kevin Caldwell, vice president and COO of Autobody by Caldwell in Laguna Hills, Calif. Whether he was scrubbing pots and pans at a small restaurant, delivering the local paper

Whose Liner Is It Anyway: Spray-on Bedliners

In search of a niche where the insurance industry isn’t involved and consumers pay out of pocket? Research shows that spray-on bedliners generate $110 million a year. There’s money to be made there. Could it be yours? You know they’re out there. You see them in your shop all the time. You’re even fairly sure