Frank Bird, Author at BodyShop Business
Questions and Answers from the Collision Repair Industry

Although we’re experts in the collision industry, the changing automotive landscape brings several questions to the surface that we might not have the answers to.

Customers: Empathy and Support Go a Long Way

Unexpected events happen every day, so be sure to give your customers patience, attention and support.

Disruption is Good

Although some will see the business and technology challenges in 2021 as an inconvenience, the collision industry will most likely adapt in a positive way to move our businesses into the future.

New Year’s Resolutions: How Are You Doing?

With 2021 now here, I dedicated some time to make some resolutions, and I hope you did the same.

Change: Do It Now or You Will Miss Your Opportunity

It is time we ask ourselves questions about how we can embrace change. And now is the time to make that change.

COVID-19: Positivity Will Help Us Navigate the Road Ahead

On the backstretch of 2020, there will be more potholes with twists and turns. Look forward, be disciplined and remain positive.

COVID-19: It’s Been Some Ride

Many of us have felt like we’ve been on a roller coaster since mid-March.

Frank Bird: New Publisher of BodyShop Business

In the short time I’ve been behind the wheel of BodyShop Business, I’ve met some wonderful people, and I look forward to meeting more of you and learning about the collision repair industry.