Disruption is Good

Disruption is Good

Although some will see the business and technology challenges in 2021 as an inconvenience, the collision industry will most likely adapt in a positive way to move our businesses into the future.

Reflecting on 2020, our lives were nothing short of disrupted. From temporary closures to following new and changing CDC guidelines for the coronavirus, we’ve adapted to the unexpected quickly.

Many of our long-term goals at BodyShop Business and Babcox Media were expedited from an 18-month plan to a six-month plan that was constantly evolving, which wasn’t always a bad thing. Through both the personal and professional obstacles in 2020, there is a silver lining, and I’m thankful for the lessons we learned along the way as a team.

Together, we’ve become more innovative in the way we run our businesses. We took a creative approach to overcoming new challenges. And most of all, we supported each other and reached out for help when we needed it most. As we tackle 2021, we’ll be able to use the skills we learned to make this year better than the last because we are resilient.

Frank Terlep, who has been at the forefront of auto and collision technologies since the mid-1980s, recently wrote an article for us on the “Positive Disruption Trends of 2021.” Terlep shares the business and technology trends that will affect the collision industry this year and in years to come. Although some will see these challenges as an inconvenience, the collision industry will take our new skillset and adapt in a positive way to move our businesses into the future.

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