Karl Kirschenman, Author at BodyShop Business
The Importance of OEM Data

Seeking out OEM repair information before repairing today’s sophisticated vehicles is no longer optional but a requirement.

Business Management: Electronic Avenue

A lot of body shops are still ordering parts via the phone or fax, but electronic parts procurement is slowly but surely gaining ground.

Equipment Snapshot: Spraybooths

We take a quick but comprehensive look at new advances in spraybooths.

How They Work: MIG Welders

This month’s article looks at MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding technology and considerations for aluminum, steel and silicon bronze applications.

How They Work: Plastic Repair

More and more shops are repairing plastics today. Success usually follows for those who take the time to learn the correct methods to do it.

How They Work: Air Compressors

Air compressors are literally the energy behind our shops’ most vital systems. And there have been numerous changes to the air compressor industry since your grandfather put in that old piston air compressor back in 1963.

How They Work: Filler

There’s an old adage: “You get what you pay for.” With body fillers, this is certainly the case. I’ve always recommended that owners and managers focus on the total cost of each process versus looking at consumables, labor and overhead costs individually.

How They Work: Spray Guns

Since it’s the paint that most people see first, spray guns are a critical part of the ability to deliver a flawless finish back to our customers.

How They Work: Measuring Systems

New vehicle measuring system platforms, combined with a new battery of technologies, have made measuring vehicles faster and easier than ever before.

How They Work: Refinishes

This month, instead of focusing all of our attention on the manual processes of refinishing, we’re going to take a different look at the subject and talk about the business relationships between your paint manufacturer and your shop.

How They Work: Prep Stations

Prep stations, their intended functionality and what items to consider when investing in your shop’s future.

How They Work: Spraybooths

Spraybooths could be costing you money if not designed, used and maintained properly.