Auto Collision and Bodyshop Business News
No Fear: Developing New Business by Asking

Learn the right way to ask for business, and you’ll not only lessen your chances of being shot down, but you’ll increase shop profits, too.

PDR: The Urban Legend of Body Repair Revealed

Back in ’80s, strange tales circulated about paintless dent repair techs’ “magically” disappearing dents. As the rumors grew, I convinced myself that these guys were dabbling in the black arts. (If not, then why all the secrecy, huh?) But when I got tired of losing work to them, I decided to take my chances and learn the skill myself.

Give Yourself a Raise: Working Together

Insurers know a local shop environment is very competitive, and they use this to pit local shop against local shop. But what if repairers refused to play this game and started working together instead of against one another?

Shedding Profits

Fatten up gross sales by $20,000 a year and add mass to your techs’ paychecks too – all by focusing on and charging for what you do best: collision repair

Associations Can’t Do It Alone

With more than 2,500 shops in Illinois, only 50 shops attended the most recent AASPI State Convention. How can we expect our industry associations to influence politicians, effect laws and make changes when we don’t even bother to show up?

The Incredible Shrinking Industry

After a buying spree in the late ’90s and a struggle to integrate acquired shops into a “corporate” culture, consolidators are getting back on track and preparing to grow again. But this isn’t a death sentence for all independents.

Let Your People Grow

When properly motivated and directed, employees drive the processes that result in quality, innovation, efficiency and customer satisfaction … a.k.a. your shop’s success.

Is the Industry Suffering from Widespread Billing Fraud and Repair Defects

Editor’s Note: Some background: In 2000, California’s Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) launched an Autobody Inspection Program after Gov. Gray Davis signed legislation (2000-S.B. 1988) requiring the BAR to conduct a pilot program to determine the extent of autobody fraud in the state and to then recommend solutions to the legislature.

Why Won’t They Pay Me

Over the years shop operators have learned to write estimates with strict adherence to estimating guides and P-pages. In our attempts to play by the rules, we’ve written for every task we perform in order to get paid properly. But what do we do when insurance companies simply refuse to pay for what we know

May the (Work) Force Be with You

The collision industry’s workforce is dwindling at an alarming rate, and journeymen are just about as hard to come by as Jedi Masters. To combat this shortage and to stay competitive in the years to come, take a cue from the Jedi Code: Pair an apprentice with a mentor.

Don’t You Be the Judge

What do you do when an insurer only wants to pay half of what it actually costs to repair a vehicle? Charge for all the necessary procedures, educate your customer and take the insurer to small claims court.

Monster First Impressions

Customers first impressions of your shop are formed during their first few seconds of contact over the phone or in person. Is your staff trained to welcome potential customers, or is Frankenstein manning your front office?