July 2019 Archives - BodyShop Business
Showtime Collision Center: From Custom Creations to Quality Collision Repair

Nestled in the mountains just northeast of San Bernardino, Calif., lives Showtime Collision Center, a body shop that works hard to offer its customers high-quality repairs.

Scanning and Recalibration: Big Picture Thinking

The systems and features in today’s vehicles are the complex part. It’s hard for any of us to fathom how some of the electronics work. Now, we have to factor them into the repair process.

How to Get Paid for Body Repair Materials

How do most collision repair facilities calculate body materials on a vehicle? Adhesive, drill bits, weld-through primer, etc. Are the insurance companies required by law to reimburse body shops for this additional cost?

The Evolution of Spray Guns

Both spray gun technology and the cost of spray guns have increased dramatically since I first wrote about them in the September 1991 issue of BodyShop Business.

Who Will Be the Insurers of the Future?

Yesterday, your customers were clients of State Farm, GEICO and Allstate, but the customer and insurer of tomorrow may be changing due to automated driving technology and more precise OEM repair procedures.

YesterWreck: A History Lesson on the Auto Body Industry

I was never a big history buff, but YesterWreck just might make me one. It’s a fascinating and humorous story of the origins and history of our industry. You can learn, for example, about the very first automobile collision ever recorded.

Blockchain: What it Means for Your Shop

Blockchain is a word you’re going to hear a lot in the coming months and years. Here’s a primer on what it is and how it will impact you and your business.

How Today’s Welders Could Be Making a Difference in Your Shop

The welders we have available today are much more capable than the ones we had just five years ago and are changing repair processes in shops.

A Statistical Snapshot of the Collision Repair Industry

The July issue of BodyShop Business is full of statistics. That’s because it’s our biennial Industry Profile issue where we offer you the reader a statistical snapshot of the collision repair industry.