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CAR Coalition Applauds Executive Order on Right to Repair

The CAR Coalition believes the EO will enhance competitiveness in the U.S. economy and enhance consumers’ ability to choose where and how they repair their vehicles.

CAR Coalition Strongly Supports Bipartisan SMART Act

The CAR Coalition states that the SMART Act will expand consumer choice for crash parts, decrease costs to both drivers and insurers, and enhance competition in the auto parts market.

CAR Coalition Launches New Consumer Rights Video

The video outlines the need to protect consumers’ rights in the post-collision automotive repair market.

CAR Coalition Argues for Consumer Rights in Data Debate

The CAR Coalition co-signed a letter to lawmakers urging them to oppose any federal preemption of state action on the use of vehicle data.

ABPA Joins New Consumer Access to Repair Coalition

ABPA has joined the new Consumer Access to Repair Coalition, a group of independent automotive parts and repair companies, associations and insurers dedicated to preserving and protecting consumer choice in the post-collision repair market.

CAPA Joins Consumer Access to Repair Coalition

The CAR Coalition is an industry group whose mission is to preserve and protect consumer choice, transparency and affordability in the collision repair market.