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Better Safe than Sorry: Safety Practices

After drinking Drano, electrocuting myself and setting the garage on fire, I was lucky I lived long enough to learn that safety practices are important.

Do you Know Watt?

I’ve seen a lot of weird electrical “incidents” during my career. (One buddy became a conductor due to his fascination with aluminum foil.) Although we don’t need to be electrical geniuses, we do need to know how to
troubleshoot and repair wiring problems.

ABSolute Basics

Anything that can be exposed to impact may be in need of repairs after a wreck – including the antilock brake system. Error!

Hybrids: Why They’re Here To Stay

Fuel costs – gasoline or diesel – seem to be creeping ever higher. This is probably natural because of the rules of supply and demand. Oil is a finite resource, and as we use more of our own American crude in the lower 48, we’re going further afield to supply our ever-expanding need for more

Hot Driver = Unsatisfied Customer

Today’s A/C-dependent consumers need their air conditioning.