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TECH TIPS: Replacing the Hyundai Power Sliding Door Control Module

Collision shops commonly encounter a “perfect storm” of problems, including confusing new vehicle features that can potentially blow away a lot of time and money. Case in point: a 2007 Hyundai Entourage that exhibits a post-repair condition such as a power sliding door that doesn’t fully close or that reopens itself after closing. Although the

TECH TIPS: Front Passenger Seat Accessory Precautions

Post-collision repair requirements differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Thus, you must be prepared to evaluate, research and document each and every crash-damaged vehicle that’s brought into your repair facility. Seat belts, steering systems, occupant sensors, on-board diagnostics and air bag components and systems, as well as proper alignment of structurally related components, are only a

2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Service, Safety Precautions

As vehicle manufacturers strive to meet or exceed fuel economy standards, alternative vehicle designs incorporating new materials and systems will be produced to accommodate consumer demand. One such vehicle that may roll into your collision repair facility is the 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. Questions will arise when this vehicle arrives: • What safety precautions must

Used Airbags Should Be Deflated

OEMs don’t recommend using recycled or used airbags. And you assume all liability. With those things in mind, I can’t in good conscience use them myself.

2008 Lexus GS450H Power Window Initialization Procedure

When repairing a vehicle, the battery often must be disconnected to prevent onboard computer failure or damage to critical electrical components. Upon reconnection of the battery, certain systems, such as the power windows, may not operate unless they’re reprogrammed. Without proper OEM procedures to perform or analyze these operations, you and your staff could be

Get Grounded: Electrical Systems

Electrical systems have changed a lot over the years, and like many things, collision repair technicians need to keep up with the latest technology to avoid getting left behind.

Installing Infiniti Crush Horn Kits

Every day, body shops make critical decisions to either repair, replace or section structural components. Often those decisions depend primarily on industry trends or previous experience. But will that experience be helpful for late-model vehicles with special repair requirements? With all of the new vehicles being developed yearly, many using exotic metals and composite materials,

Understanding Airbags

Many shop personnel say ‘it’s not my job’ to know the basics about how and why airbags work. I disagree. Not only do we owe it to our customers, but we can use this knowledge to differentiate ourselves from the competition and get the job.

Working on Hybrids: A Body Shop Primer

Hybrids account for only 1% of all U.S. light-vehicle sales, which actually presents a dilemma for shops: Because hybrids aren’t all that common (yet), shops aren’t as familiar with the potential hazards as they should be.

Repairing Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Question answered by: Mike West Recently, the Sierra Club — the environmental organization that acts as the world’s conscience when it comes to issues like protecting the spotted owl, old growth forests and, of course, global warming — weighed in with a press release titled, “The Next Big Thing From Detroit.” No, it wasn’t about

The Heat Is on: Buying My Heat Inductor

I’ve made a lot of misguided tool purlchases through the years, but buying my heat inductor wasn’t one of them.