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Technical: Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part III

The 2014 Subaru is on time for delivery. The tech does a great job on the windshield, but then asks, ”When is the recalibration going to be done?” Now, your stomach turns.

Glass Industry’s Petition Against Steering Gaining Momentum

Auto glass industry trying to put the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division’s focus on the 1963 Consent Decree, which was written and signed in 1963 to eliminate insurance company manipulations of the collision repair marketplace.

Looking Clearly Through the Glass Part II

The introduction of collision avoidance systems has made a simple windshield replacement a complex issue.

Looking Clearly Through the Glass

There is no such thing as a simple repair anymore, and windshield replacement is a prime example.

BodyShop Business
Flexible Adhesive Cutting System Catalog

BTB’s new catalog features 28 pages and covers the BTB system.

Remotely Remove Glass from Vehicles

Mounted to the interior of the glass part, the Glass Bot uses a cutting element to pull through the adhesive from the exterior, cutting the adhesive without damage to paint, moldings or glass.

Tool for Tough Windshields

The HammerHead is an economical tool for separating the lower corners of windshields that can’t be cut out with a cold knife. It uses standard Extractor blades and comes complete with a 6” cut-out blade. The 21” overall dimension fits most standard toolboxes. Call (877) 628-8837.

Remove Clips and More

The SpringerTool clip re-moval tool offers hundreds of removal applications for every vehicle, including components retained by clips or adhesive. It’s safe for delicate materials such as door trims, hood and trunk linings, dash and trim panels, scuttle clips, radiator shrouding, wire looms, moldings and badges. It’s strong enough for levering bolts, nuts, brackets, panels

Easy Windshield Removal

Demand lithium power for your next windshield removal tool: the EXT-PROV18 Milwaukee 18V lithium or the EXT-PROV28 Milwaukee 28V lithium. Call (877) 628-8837.