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Google to Share Best Practices for Online Marketing in ALLDATA Webinar

ALLDATA and Google will present a one-hour webinar detailing best practices for marketing your shop online.

Commercialization of Flying Cars a Possibility by 2035: Frost & Sullivan

At least 10 companies are expected to launch a flying car in the next five years. Frost & Sullivan sees “limited commercial applications of flying cars a possibility by 2035,” thanks to advances in autonomous flying as well as vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) technologies.

BodyShop Business Industry Profile 2017: Word of Mouth Still Collision Repairers’ Biggest Marketing Tool

In the age of Google and social media, most collision repairers continue to get business the old-fashioned way: by word of mouth.

Flying Cars: Coming to an Uncongested Area Near You

The Google-backed startup Kitty Hawk has unveiled a prototype of its all-electric personal aircraft, the Flyer, and the company promises that the aircraft will be available for sale by the end of the year.

Will Driverless Cars Really Save Millions of Lives?

Article in Washington Post say it’s hard to know which cars are more likely to crash, human-driven ones or those run by software and sensors, due to a lack of data.

Google Seeks Changes in Michigan’s Self-Driving Car Bill

Google sees some of the language in the new legislation as excluding companies like Google that are newcomers to making cars.

CEO of Google’s Self-Driving Car Project to Keynote Kickoff of Automobili-D Event

AutoMobili-D will run in conjunction with the 2017 NAIAS Press Preview and will feature more than 100 technology and mobility-focused companies from around the world.

Google Founder Investing in Flying Cars

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Larry Page has invested over $135 million, since 2010, in a new startup called Zee.Aero and is now channeling some of his own fortune into a company called Kitty Hawk.

Google to Pay People to Test Drive Driverless Cars

The company will pay people $20 per hour to be driven around in one of its driverless cars six to eight hours a day, five days a week.

Google’s Self-Driving Car Takes Spin Through Mean Streets of Grand Theft Auto

Parody video created by a prominent YouTube user has a Google car mowing down pedestrians and crashing into other cars within the Grand Theft Auto video game.

Fiat, Google Plan Partnership Around Self-Driving Minivans

The carmaker plans to develop about 100 self-driving prototypes based on the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid-powered minivan that will be used by Google to test its self-driving technology.

Self-Driving Car Advocates: Feds Should Be Setting Safety Rules, Not Individual States

The chief architect of Google’s autonomous car program explained during an April 27th forum that state agencies may not have the technological know-how to assess the rapidly evolving technology.