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CerebrumX to Tap into Ford Connected Vehicle Data

CerebrumX will incorporate Ford connected vehicle data to support its data-driven usage-based insurance as-a-service model for insurers.

Cost of Car Ownership in U.S. Increases 5%

Two new reports from doxoINSIGHTS found that households spend $629 per month toward auto loans and auto insurance, an increase of 5% year over year.

Inflation and Insurance: Time For a Review

Soaring vehicle prices for new and used cars and real estate — combined with labor and supply shortages — are warning signs for body shop owners to review their insurance coverage options and limits.

Car Insurance Rates Go Up As U.S. Drivers Resume Lifestyles

As Americans resume normal economic activities in 2022, auto insurance rates will rise by 0.6% in 2022 after falling in 2021.

Auto Body Insurance Mysteries Solved!

Eight of the most common misconceptions auto body shop owners have about their insurance policies.

New Report from IRC Shows 1 in 8 Drivers Uninsured

In 2019, the estimated countrywide uninsured motorist rate was 12.6%.

Study Indicates Auto Insurers Unfairly Profited During COVID-19

The US Public Interest Research Group reported that some consumers did not receive a refund or rate cut from auto insurers in 2020 when COVID-19 hit despite driving significantly less.

Survey Says Number of U.S. Consumers Cancelled Auto Policies in 2020

While these consumers were cutting auto coverage, driving was actually becoming a more risky undertaking.

Smaller and Regional Insurers Get Top Grades from Repairers

Smaller, lesser-known insurers received the highest marks from collision repairers asked to grade the auto insurers’ claims practices in the 2020 CRASH Network “Insurer Report Card.”

Auto Insurance Policy Contracts: What You Should Know

Here is more information on insurance policy contracts that every collision repairer needs to know to better serve their customers and avoid any unnecessary liability.

Collision Repairs: First-Party vs. Third-Party Claims

When speaking with collision repairers across the country, I’ve found that many are not familiar with these terms – even though they often play a pivotal role in collision repair.

CRASH Network Launches Insurer Report Card

CRASH Network announced that it has launched an “Insurer Report Card” that will give collision repairers the opportunity to grade the performance of the insurance companies in their state.